Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Over Your Shoulder

The way one looks back, on a year like this,
sends tremors across one's heart.
It's all behind you.
You can begin again.

Yet, in all actuality, what is changing?

The date.

4 small digits laid out across the world.


Those digits become a reminder,
a reminder of the newness of living,
the stirring of energy beneath every day life.

Let us keep going, remembering,

Looking forward, but in all of it, focusing on each moment,
one at a time,
threading our confusing strands of thought
towards the One I call the Story-weaver, our father God,
the One who writes our journey.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The 8 O Clock Frock GROSGRAIN GIVEAWAY!!!!

Check out this lovely dress at Grosgrain Fabulous.
The sheath look is one of my new favorites.

Just for fun...


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Discover the Story...

Then set the Stage...

Switch on the light.

Turn the first page.

Then shout ACTION!
Happy Birthday Sam!

A birthday party of grandest proportions... A black table scattered with confetti, autumn leaves, and photos that celebrated Samuel's 24 years, laid with Honey Glazed Chicken, Rosemary Parmesan Potatoes, Lemon Basil Carrots, freshly baked wheat rolls, green beans, and a fruit salad wrapped in whipped cream.

Then, when the dishes were cleared.... three suitcases were imparted to three groups of people, and the objects therein were turned into three skits, mysterious, dramatic, and rolicking with good, wholesome, fun.

Thereafter followed gifts, packages wrapped gaily in plaid paper and film related trivia, the gifts hidden inside following the general theme of antiquities... Things like a pewter mug with a glass bottom, a pipe case, pipe tobacco, an antique black umbrella, an antique film camera, coffee, a personalized travel mug, and a gift card to Starbucks.

The evening ended...

Like many such evenings do...

with the men on the porch with their pipes...

While we women remained within...
Sharing our hearts, as women do.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving Thanks

Wishing you most heartfelt blessings and all the dearest joys
As we go from this time of giving thanks...
And pass into a season of giving of ourselves.

Emma & Johanna

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Childhood, an honest confession

I was the sort of child who grew up emotional, and dreamy,
the sort of little girl who was fond of taking large pieces of
silky fabric out to the w i d e field,
and running about for an hour with the wind and her dreams.

My struggles with falling asleep at night
were remedied with my ever present imagination,
and the fairytales that were birthed from it,
the young girls in their long hair and medieval gowns
racing through my dreams on color-coordinated horses.

Thus, when I watched for the first time, the film,
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood,
and met Olivia de Havilland's enchanting Maid Marian,
my girlish heart was thrilled beyond words.

My dreams of wedding gowns turned medieval...

My favorite artwork were soft portraits of chivalrous knights and fair ladies,
and Tennyson's Lady of Shalott took me by storm.

The Maid Marian weekend at AmandaBethOnline is unfortunately over.
I wanted so to do something for it... and with my sisters,
almost managed to.

I discovered the perfect model...

Assembled the wardrobe...

And called the photographer.

Grace wore a crisp white cotton blouse
whose high neck and sleeves are trimmed with cluny lace,
found at Bealls.

Over it, she wore a floor length black dress,
With a length of black brushed lace for an elegant cloak.

For trim, we added a deep green ivory dotted scarf,
inherited from our grandmother,
and cluster of crystalline flowers in amethyst and silver.

Grace's hair required little.
Her burnished curls are like spun silk...

... And with a few quaint braids and sprigs of dried lavender...

...she is, suddenly, with her glowing brown eyes...

the dreamiest of Rapunzels.

But... time took its course and ran away on winged feet.
We could not catch it.

Thus, this cannot count as an entry in
AmandaBeth's Fashion Week,
But, with such a model, and such a photographer,
and such a history as mine, steeped in the romance of Marian...

Who can resist?

Photos by Johanna Ramsey.
Sketches by Emma Ramsey.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Day at Rambellwood

Morning... early....
an angular girl swings a wicker basket onto her hip,
and climbs the stairs to put away the laundry.

She grins when she catches sight of the camera.

Mid-day, with rain sliding down the windows...
Warmth pervades the kitchen...
and potato soup awaits our cold limbs.

Afternoon, and the children skip outside...

Followed covertly by a blue eyed photographer.

The wind whispers against trees laden with light...

While the sun turns the children's heads to gold...

And leaves jewels of light in their sparkling eyes.

The day melts away,
fading with the sound of children's laughter
and the dimming of the yellow sun.

- Emma

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Kind of Heaven

It has happened once again. I have caught a glimpse of what is
beyond thrilling.

Truly! I have had dreams, of walking into an antique store...

Stumbling upon a room laden with vintage and antique
dresses, hats, gloves, shoes,

and jewelry...

Well, mostly dresses,

Gorgeous vintage dresses in all the most beautiful colors,

On sale!

Only this time, Johanna went,
and I heard not the splendid tale until after the fact.

She was beyond rapture. Her camera was very busy.

There was only problem.

We could have none of it.

Everything was much too small.