Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lantanas and High Tea

Orange and gold...

Sweetness and joy.

The wonder of life.

Psst....! This happens to be our 100th post.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For my Dearest

My dearest companion, my closest friend, the sister of all my struggles, Johanna Sue, turns 17 today.

She is a more than talented photographer.

She loves children, loves her family, loves taking pictures of them.

She, like the waves that crowd the shore, yearning to touch it, presses towards her Heavenly Father, and touches His heart.

She is a friend you can always trust, a friend who advises and encourages...

Faithful beyond the meaning of the word.

She sings like an angel,

Acts, with talent and energy and passion,

And loves,

With all her heart.

And, can I say? She is absolutely, undeniably, beautiful.

Happy Birthday dearest!

and all the Ramsey Clan

Photo credit to the following:
Molly Pearce
Cate Pearce
Keslie Smith
Grace Ramsey
Sam Ramsey

Monday, September 7, 2009

Uncovering Treasures

A new adventure, like the dawn of the new day, can come upon one suddenly, overwhelmingly...

... And with ever so much breathtaking wonder.

We've discovered, in our quaint East Texas town, a house, built with loving hands, and neglected sorely over the passing years. Its story is an unforgettable one, of lives touched with courage, of the people who dwelt within its walls and made it a home.

But others came in, made their own lives when others were gone. New walls were erected, new paint over old wallpaper, the grand old staircase pulled out and a new, straight-laced one put in.

We have been uncovering so much beauty,

So much that whispers of the family who once lived here,

The wallpaper, on walls and ceiling, from the early 1900's, with fabric backing curiously printed like old flour sacks,

The ballroom, hidden beneath new walls, the high ceilings lowered for the sake of new wiring and plumbing.

But we will reawaken history. We will pull off the sarcophagus, and find the gold beneath.