Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lantanas and High Tea

Orange and gold...

Sweetness and joy.

The wonder of life.

Psst....! This happens to be our 100th post.


Elissa said...

How sweet!! Those Lantana are so lovely, and your tea table is exquisite!

Congratulations on your hundredth post!!


Gaby said...

I love the table setting! I just love those flowers! Are not tea party's lovely! I'll have to have one soon!... Your brother is so cute!


Laura said...

Happy 100th post!! 100th posts are so very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Horray! Its so exciting that you are having your 100th post! I am new to your blog and really like it, you can stop by my blog if you want. Those pictures are beautiful! I am so glad that its fall! :)

Tim and Julie Mills said...

What a great blog and awesome photos! Thanks for sharing these beautiful things. --Tim