Monday, April 27, 2009


Life has a way of throwing you over a cliff edge without so much as a by-your-leave.  One knows, perhaps the moment you are first hurled in mid-air, that God is waiting there, to catch you, but fear still tingles around you like wisps of cold, moist cloud.

It feels a little that way now, after surviving a pre-performance week populated by coughs and sore throats and headaches, fighting my way through spiritual battles, wondering what else could go wrong, when suddenly, with a BOOM! my little brother suffers a fall, and must be rushed to the hospital to have stitches in his sweet, little, five year old chin.

He is alright, now, exhilarated by his sudden fame, a little hero in band-aids and stickers.

But it makes me think, makes me wonder.  It makes me hold out my hand, remembering the one who put me here, asking his guidance, holding onto his wisdom will all the power I can muster.  It makes me, suddenly, inspired....

I don't want to be a steamboat
Pushing over life's sea
All on my own energy....

Blowing smoke...

I don't want to be a galley
Turning those I love to slaves
To make my life ride the waves....

Churning pain...

I don't want to ride the tide
A restless, forgotten, stone
Smoothed beneath the foam....


I want to be a sailboat
Carried by a windy hand
Led from torrent to the sand....


With all my heart,


P.S.  For those who watched our recent short films, submitted to the  36 hour contest,  The Boy With $100 was placed 11th, and My Favorite was placed 27th, out of 66 entries.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Making a Publication Official...

There is a project that covers many pages of my life.  Though its threads are not necessary for the completion of my life story, they hold an importance to me.  They wind their way through the words that narrate my everyday existence, through my thoughts, through my writing, something I cannot forget.

So, I decided I should share a little more of it, simply because I love to share.  I want to tell about the things that fill my heart and touch my life.

"Garden of Dreams" by Mary Baxter St. Clair

So here it is, officially, a blog dedicated to excerpts, brainstorms, and general musings on my novel...

Click above for my new blog,  Thoughts On Wandrian.

Auf Weidersehen!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Filmmaker

Yesterday, my cousin, Jordan, came to visit.

And these.... are what happened.  Be sure you turn off the music player before you start..

The size of these are conflicting with my blog layout, so if you'd rather, here are the links to them on YouTube... 
The Boy With $100... Sam's entry 
What Is Your Favorite?... Jordan's entry

Sam, Jordan, James, Sarah Anne, and Matthew, spent yesterday creating these films for a 36 hr. film festival ending at midnight.  They wrote, and organized, and filmed, and edited, and uploaded, till the time was nearly gone, and weariness slept on their doorstep.

They got them in just in time, and this morning showed us their finished projects.  Now we all wait on the edge of our breath for the results.

I'll let you know them, soon.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Something More to Celebrate

On Sunday there was a party held, in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, to celebrate my great grandmother's birthday.

Nana Grace

Doesn't she look wonderful?  
I won't tell you her age, but leave you to guess.  
Leave a comment and I'll let you know if you're right.


Extended family

left to right; Chloe, Johanna, Clancy, Emma

and very extended family....

What fun we had, celebrating two birthdays in one day...

Matthew was born the day before Nana's __th birthday...  
(Can you guess how many years span between them?)

Until we meet again,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Ones

In celebration...

Of two of the dearest young folks we know...

Sarah Anne
the funniest of little girls, 
with the sweetest of dreams, 
and the biggest of hearts.

Born at 9:20 p.m., on March 27th, 2000

Now 9 years old

and Matthew Lloyd
the most adorable of little boys, 
with the brightest of eyes, 
the warmest of smiles, 
and hugs that break your heart.

Born at 2:48 p.m., on April 5, 2004

Now 5 years old.

Happy Birthday you two!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Life on Rambellwood Farm

Excitement swelled into our teeming kitchen yesterday afternoon.  The beef was left to brown itself, the cilantro to wash its own green leaves, while we followed Matthew's bare feet out to the field...

To watch Dad carry the new calf toward us in his arms, the sun weaving its golden thread into the green of the grass.

The calf was hardly two hours old, with bright brown eyes... a darling little thing with little white spots..

An awakening of life on our newly named farm, Rambellwood.

May your spring bloom with joy,