Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All These Years

This is Momma's birthday breakfast :)

Yes.  This photo is real.

I can't hide it, I am so proud of cooking my first omelet!

7:00 on Sunday morning found us 4 sisters in the kitchen,
chopping veggies, mincing garlic, preparing herbs,
and whisking eggs to the sound of
Nat King Cole singing from Emma's laptop.

... it was still early for some :)

We then paraded over to the Little House where Mom and Dad were deep in a planning session for Mom's long dreamed-of landscaping on our farm.

THEN, came the birthday party... stay tuned for part II!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On the Inside

Dear Father in Heaven, must life be so hard?  Must every step I take be riddled with challenges?  Must every hope, every dream, every whisper of happy things, be marred by old pain and older despair?  What is it You are saying?  What is the cry of Your heart?

I am listening.  You have my attention.

And I hear it, in the stillness of the tears that are balling up in my throat, I hear His words, simple, unchanging....

Press forward.  Don't despair.

I am with you.

So I shall press on, because, beyond everything that seems so close and weighty now, He stands, immovable, unchangeable, truthful.

And I know that my heart and hope is in His hands.  No matter the battle on the outside, I am safe on the inside.

With all my heart,