Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All These Years

This is Momma's birthday breakfast :)

Yes.  This photo is real.

I can't hide it, I am so proud of cooking my first omelet!

7:00 on Sunday morning found us 4 sisters in the kitchen,
chopping veggies, mincing garlic, preparing herbs,
and whisking eggs to the sound of
Nat King Cole singing from Emma's laptop.

... it was still early for some :)

We then paraded over to the Little House where Mom and Dad were deep in a planning session for Mom's long dreamed-of landscaping on our farm.

THEN, came the birthday party... stay tuned for part II!!


Sophie Covey said...

Oh it sounds so lovely! :) Tell your Mother happy birthday! I hope she had a wonderful day, and sounds like she was blessed by her daughters! Can't wait to see you girls soon, hopefully!

shannonmonk said...

Gorgeous omelet! What a celebration!

Lydia Covey said...

Absolutely delightful. Bravo on the omelets Jo. And happy late birthday to your mother dear!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is really great. Keep working that way.

aMandalin Rochele said...

Wow...that makes me hungry! Looks delicious!