Monday, June 28, 2010


There is green outside the glass
Of my window.

There is peace beyond the veil
Of myself.

Why don't I break the glass?
Why don't I tear the veil?

Why don't I step outside 
To where He's standing 

With a sword and a shield?

Why don't I begin?

Friday, June 11, 2010

My sister

... are there words to describe her?

She is... my sister

She is always there.  Always with an open heart.  Wanting to grow with me.  Showing her love through simple actions.

Working together during this burdensome time has been beautiful to me.  My lovely sister has been... my sister.  In the truest form.  

How can that simple word be so beautiful to me?

Because Jesus placed us in this place.  He is intertwining our hearts.

Every day... in every meal that we prepare...

In ways I never imagined. 

I love you Emma.

[and Happy Birthday you 20-year old today!!!!!]