Friday, June 11, 2010

My sister

... are there words to describe her?

She is... my sister

She is always there.  Always with an open heart.  Wanting to grow with me.  Showing her love through simple actions.

Working together during this burdensome time has been beautiful to me.  My lovely sister has been... my sister.  In the truest form.  

How can that simple word be so beautiful to me?

Because Jesus placed us in this place.  He is intertwining our hearts.

Every day... in every meal that we prepare...

In ways I never imagined. 

I love you Emma.

[and Happy Birthday you 20-year old today!!!!!]


Hanna-col said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!


Clare said...

Happy birthday, Emma! God bless you!

I love both of you girls very much, and have been praying for you all.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, dear girl!!!!


Gaby said...

Have a very happy and blessed birthday, Miss Emma!

Everly Pleasant said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful new friend. :)

The pictures are all so wonderful...I especially like the last of you two. And I feel the same about my sister (who turned 20 in April.)

Blessings and happiness,

Elissa said...

Happiest of Birthday wishes Emma!! I hope you have a beautiful 20th birthday!!!


MirandaLeigh said...

Happy Birthday Beauty!
I love and miss you girls very much!

Bramblewood Fashion said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Lydia Covey said...

What a beautiful post about a lovely girl and an incredible relationship of two sisters.

Birthday blessings Emma!! I also turn 20 on the 30th, so we're pretty much the same age :D

Chelsea said...

Happy, happy birthday Emma!! =)

Kristin P. said...

A hearty echo to all the foregoing wishes, Emma! May the Lord use the coming year to bring you more richness, more beauty of soul, more true happiness than any year is possible with Him who directs each day. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

[Thank you, Johanna, for announcing your sister's birthday and sharing your love for each other! What an encouragement just to hear it...]

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!!
May you have a wonderful birthday!


SisterlyLove said...

I know it was a while ago, but... Happy Birthday! I'm always so inspired when I look at your blog. There is always something so lovely and pure and true to be seen and felt. Thanks so much!
I hope you all a lovely day and that God surrounds you with his wonderful love. =]