Friday, May 21, 2010


We were baptized last week,

All seven of us,

Beneath the water of a Texas lake,

Rejoicing beneath the wonder of God's grace.

The Lord is filling our lives with blessing.

Yes... with sorrow, and anxiety, and fear for the future.

But also with blessing.

Loved ones have coming from across the country to visit us and help us.  
People call and write, and send their love.  
I cannot begin to express my gratitude 
for all of the thoughts and prayers sent our way. 
 Thank you!  

We are blessed beyond measure.

And every evening we rest, beneath the spell of spirit-led music, 
touched by the warmth God is covering us with,
 folded tightly against his peace, 
finding it is best to be still.

He is leading us.... and he is blessing us.

For more updates on Mom's condition and progress, visit the new blog... Bless Bonny.


MirandaLeigh said...

How Beautiful!
I'm so happy for you all!

Unknown said...

So glad for you! The photos are lovely. :)

And know that my family and I are praying for you all. *hugs*

"Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the LORD."

Mrs. E said...

How wonderful....
praise the Lord!
This was such a beautiful post,
it brought tears to my eyes!
The Lord is good and He is SO faithful.
I have been lifting up your precious momma and
family in my prayers... :)

With Much Love in Christ~
Miss Jen

-Isaiah 40:31-

Everly Pleasant said...

The photographs say it all: love and beauty! I am still lifting you girls and your mother (who looks just like "one of you girls"!) in prayer. I can't imagine the fear and confusion, but I can relate to the undying love you have for your mother and family, so my prayers are from the heart!

But the reason I stopped by was to say that I am doing research for a book I'd like to write about young women choosing to stay at home. Would either of you be interested in being interviewed? I'd be honored to get to talk to y'all (via email) about this topic and get inspired!


Anonymous said...

I just realized how easy it is to read the updates and forget that you all can't see me on the other side of the computer caring and praying for you all. So here I am. Praying for grace for your family that is new every morning.

Give my love to your family,

Laura Strube

Anonymous said...

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