Monday, June 23, 2008

26 Years

Yesterday afternoon, at two'o'clock, my parents left for an anniversary weekend together. They have been married now for 26 years. We are soooo proud of them, and proud to have the privilege of having two such wonderful parents. 26 years ago.... Can you believe it??

Happy Anniversary!

And the two became one...

Two hands

Cary and Bonny Ramsey

26 years

June 20th, 1982


Congratulations Mom and Dad!! We love you guys soooooooooo much!!!! The Lord has truly blessed us.

*Photo taken by our brother Sam

That you may be blessed,

Emma and Johanna


Clare said...

Congratulations to your parents! What a good-looking couple they are.


emme said...

Oh, congratulations! Isn't it such a blessing to know or hear of two people who have stuck together through thick and thin? ☺

My parent's anniversary was this month, too. They were married 27 years ago on the 19th.


Carla said...

My parents will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on July 2nd!

Hannah said...

Congratulations to your parents!

Crooked Stream said...

Wow. That post is so precious. Those pictures are just priceless... =D Your parents are such a lovely couple. Praise the Lord for what He has done!!!!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey!!!

Mrs. S said...

Cuuuuute post! :D

Tiffany said...

That is so wonderful! Congratulations to them!


Amy said...

Congratulations to your parents! My parents celebrated their 26th anniversary on May 4! Isn't it wonderful having parents that have been faithful for such a long time!! :)


Amber said...

A beautiful post! It's so funny because my parents are celebrating their 26th today! Wow our parents got married three days apart! That is so funny!

Well see you girls in......about 63 days! Yippeeeee!!!!!!!!

Many blessings,