Monday, August 3, 2009


News, my friends! Ever so happy news!

No. I haven't finished my book. My heart still awaits the day I can tell you that.

But..... I have been selected as one of the five finalists for the Christa-Taylor Design Your Dream Dress Contest!! How exciting is that?

The final competition all depends on reader votes now. So.... cast your vote! I won't say vote for me, though I'd dearly love you too, because I want you to vote for your honest favorite. Here's the blog page.... Christa-Taylor Blog

And here's my dress... The AVA.

The Ava summer dress, a lightweight creation in a perfect blend of rayon and cotton, hued with the brightest of summer colors, is inspired by the classic silhouette of the 1930’s. The combination of a quaintly fitted waist, a bias cut skirt, and the subtle touch of vintage crocheted lace about the neck and armholes, makes it perfect for that simple summer outing. It includes modestly cut armholes, as well as strap holders to keep you in place.


Keri said...

Totally cute! What an honor to be accepted as a finalist! I tried to enter, but I didn't get my act together in time. Congratulations!

Elissa said...

How cool!! You know, when I saw it said the artist's name, I wondered if it was you. That is too cool!!! Congratulations on being a finalist!!


YayaOrchid said...

How wonderful that you are a finalist! I went and voted for you because I think your dress drawing is so pretty and very feminine and modest. I ♥ it!

Stephanie said...

love this dress! im going to vote! :)

Ashley said...

I loved your design the best, even before I knew it was you! I love that you included strap holders. I'm always wishing that modern dresses still had this feature. As I'm always using safety pins to keep my straps in place.

Mrs. E said...

It is LOVELY, Emma! :)
My dear friend, Joanna has also
entered... :) all of your dresses
are beautiful!!

With Much Love~ Miss Jen

Lydia said...

Congratulations on winning a place among the finalists!!! Without a doubt your dress is the most lovely of them all, and I hope it wins! I voted for the Ava dress because it is the prettiest and I just love the design.


Amy said...

Very cute!! I LOVE it!!!!


Sara said...

That was you?? I adore the Ada and voted for it right off!

Kristin P. said...

Ooo, Emma! I didn't know until now it was you...congratulations! I (sadly) missed the boat on voting, but even if I had tried it would have been too difficult, they were all so lovely! What beautiful design work on the Ava - I do hope you will create more designs and display them at some point for us to admire. :)

Crooked Stream said...

Ohhh, EMMA!!! It's stunning and so gorgeous! I wish I would have known sooner~ I would have voted for ~The Ava~ hands down!!!!! It's definitely my favotite! Well done!

Anonymous said...

very cute! love the design.