Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rambellwood in Winter

Ice... crowded three inches thick across our pond..
The chill of the air filtering through the floor of our house...

Where the children stare, wide-eyed, at this foreign scene.

We all congregate about the stove,
Resting on a Sunday afternoon.


Everly Pleasant said...

The same song, different verse here. Our pond and bird beach are all ice...and little children (particularly island-adopted ones) are more than fascinated.

And so am I. I mean, it's Texas after all. :)


Jolie said...

Such stunning photography, as usual. :] keep up the good work! I loveee checking your blog every once in a while to see what you've been doing...

missing you ever so much!


Mrs. E said...

What beauty~
your pictures are indeed
breathtaking!!!! ;) *sigh*

Dearest Johanna,
Thank you for stopping by my
blog (Blessed Femina) and leaving
such a kind comment!!! ;)
Some of my favorite artists are~
Daniel Ridgway Knight
Frederick Morgan
William Waterhouse
Claude Monet
Hans Dahl
Charles Curran
Mary Cassatt
Francis Day
William-Adolphe Bouguereau
Helen Mary Elizabeth Allingham
Peder S. Kroyer
Michael Ancher
Robert Duncan
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Lord Frederick Leighton
Emile Munier
...And the list does
indeed go on. ;) *smiles*

The painting above the
Ben Jonson quote is called
"The Lily Pond" by Charles Curran.

I am so happy to meet you and look forward to getting to know you more!! ;)

With Much Love & Blessings~
Miss Jen

Libby said...

Lovely photos!!