Thursday, September 9, 2010

There Once Was A Girl

feeling like a princess

She was born on September 9
a soft, sweet child with the fairest skin, 
the blue-est eyes, and soft gold ringlets around her heart-shaped face.

She grew up with a heart for God, with a yearning to know Him, to seek after His heart.
And He built in her a passion, for acting, for singing, for dancing and photography,

happy at my uncle's wedding

For sharing herself with others, 
for being the best of friends with those the Lord brought her way,

Jo and Jolie at Backbeat Cafe

And he built in her a hope
a hope for that which so many girls dream of,
a home of her own,

Someday, faraway, 
where she might ply her skills as a wife and a homemaker, 
and follow the path of womanhood.

She has had her struggles, and her heartbreaks.  
She has built friendships, some to mourn for, some to rejoice in.  

She has her weaknesses, like all human beings, 
and has struggled with sorrow at the discovery of them,
like we all do.

And she is overcoming.  
She is putting her best foot forward, clad in a ruffled silver shoe.  
She is lifting her chin and fighting the good fight.  
She is doing the best that she can do, and she is intent upon doing it, 
in His strength.

Are there more words to describe? 
Yes, many, but I shall stop at these...

The Lord has blessed my life abundantly, 
He has overflowed me with His goodness, 
and this particular gift, this sister so strong of heart
this friend beyond friends, this vessel of His glory, 
my dear one...

my dream earrings
Is beyond words.

I love you Johanna!  
Congratulations on your amazing 18 years!



Nicole Mullins said...

Happy Birthday Johanna!

Atlanta said...

Happy birthday, Johanna!!

Elissa said...

Happiest of birthday wishes Johanna! Welcome to 18! It's a grand age :)


Hanna-col said...

Happy birthday Johanna!


Jolie said...

Emma, your birthday posts are always the BEST. :D
Johanna...I know I've told you this a few times already, but when I saw this post I felt compelled to say it again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D I love love love you!


Hannah said...


Gaby said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Johanna!

love in Christ,

Sara said...

Such a sweet post...

Happy birthday, Johanna!

Kristin P. said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Johanna! What beautiful and inspiring words...bless you for living a life that causes others to see His loveliness and power.

Anna Olivia said...

Happy birthday, Johanna!! =)
~Kami's friend from

Unknown said...

Thank you dears for your lovely birthday wishes! I was so touched when I saw this post and read my sister's words... and then to read all your special comments! I am so blessed by each of you. How can I describe it? Thank you all!!

... on a side note, the reality of 18 is still setting in. I'm having to get used to it! ;-)