Friday, February 25, 2011

Signs of Spring

Gerber daises and oranges

Sunshiny outdoor activities

Fresh Peach Pie made from last fall's canned peaches

Yellow umbrellas :)

"All signs of spring", I thought, smiling behind my camera.

Is it really here to stay, do you think?  


Unknown said...

Lovely! If only spring was here to's 10 degrees in Or right now! =-P

Everly Pleasant said...

I hope so! I am so excited to see the color GREEN.


Sarah J. said...

beautiful pics! oh sweet spring!

Unknown said...

KatySue, Oh dear! I feel for you... I can't even imagine what 10 degrees would feel like right now! When does spring usually come for you?

Everyly, YES, the color green is so exciting to see! I think that must be my favorite part, the little patches of green that slowly grow bigger and bigger until the entire ground is covered! I love it. :)

Sarah Elizabeth (lovely name btw!) Thank you... spring is such an inspiring time for my camera and me. :)

Unknown said...

I love spring! I hope it comes to the Chicago area soon :) Lovely pictures!

Lydia Covey said...

You girls need to do a new blog post... in all your spare time *wink*.
I'ts so fun looking through your blog now and KNOWing you!! :-) Oh, and on this very chilly Monday, I am thinking that maybe Spring was not quite ready to stay...
Love you girls!!