Sunday, April 3, 2011

Late Is The Hour

It is late, very late.  Late, because, on a Sunday evening, one finds an early bedtime crucial in one's preparation for Monday.  Late, because, after such a long week, one must rest, and rest well.

But, this particular Sunday night, I have a particular reason for staying up.  I discovered, in reading Everly Pleasant's blog, Clickety Clack, something that peaked my interest, a conference for Christian women who write, or speak, and minister.  A conference called She Speaks.  They are offering three scholarships, and I am barely in time for the second.

The challenge?  To write a story in six words.

The example?  Ernest Hemingway's, "FOR SALE. BABY SHOES. NEVER WORN".

Intimidating, right?  But a challenge to my writer's soul.  So, I laid down my book, closed shut my eyes, and raised my prayers for wisdom, for words to speak His heart, for truth that was His.

Here is what, with all my heart, I put on paper.

CANCER.  Terror.  Miracle beyond believing.  JESUS.

There.... a story, simple, true, and brimming with all the joy I can muster.



emii said...

Wow, that Is quite the challenge. We often underestimate the power of prayer, don't we? He gives us the words; He really does. I hope the scholarship thing goes well... as He wishes :)


Lydia Covey said...

Emma... my writer friend, you have done it again. On this stormy Monday morning these powerful 6 words have worked in my life. It has brought me down to the foundation of life, our Jesus.
You and your family have a glorious testimony. I'm so excited for this possible scholarship for you and pray that this might enable the opportunity for you to go.
Blessings to you for glorifying Him alone through your writing.

Unknown said...


I love seeing you with this motivation, sis. :) Keep writing!!!

Everly Pleasant said...

Oh Emma, I'd be glad to "lose" to you. :) In other words, I am glad you are entering for the scholarship, because I would love to meet you all the way up in North Carolina. Really do let me know if you decide to attend!


joelle said...

Your six-word story is great!
And Hemingway's just breaks my heart.

So much feeling in six words.