Friday, April 18, 2008

"Come Away with Me"

just because... I first heard this song sung by Eva Cassidy. I found this video of Norah Jones singing it. I love the simple gentleness of it. I rather like love songs.:)




Anonymous said...

She has such a unique voice, she looks like she's not even trying! =) When she's like, it just floats out of her mouth...almost entrancing to listen to;).

I still can't figure out why she gets a ticket???? lol

Love you sis,

~Johanna S.

Crooked Stream said...

Oh, Emma!
Eva Cassidy is one of my all-time favorites. She is soo good. I love her beautiful voice with her simple guitar accompaniment. Norah Jones did this one well! =)

..I'm pretty sure that was a speeding ticket, maybe she was too distracted or something? ;) ;)Ha!
Love, Kami

Dianna said...

Norah Jones is the only "popular" singer I really listen to; mostly I'm into classical. She's amazing!