Friday, April 11, 2008

My story, Part One

Life has me enthralled. I am working with rather a new dedication on my novel....

Wandrian, A Fairy's Journey

It is a gentle, emotional, and fantastical allegory of our walk through life, of our relationship with God and with others, and how the journey of our lives plays out before us. You wouldn't guess it from reading it, it being so much another world, created with all the words I can muster. It is perhaps too fairytale of a world, but I find that it simplifies and magnifies the particular truths that I wish to share, whilst still keeping them carefully veiled, waiting for a curious reader to peek in and see.

So, because I am so deep in this right now, and because I want to share this amazing journey, here is an excerpt.

Elena did not know when she decided. The thought came upon her, stealing softly through her brain, a child on tiptoe, knowing not that it awakened her. She must leave. It was time. Her heart longed for things beyond her home and she must follow the whispering, waiting voices. She stood in the Fleurian library, slipping the heavy green Wandrian book back into its place, these thoughts pounding gently through her brain.
“Milady?” The voice startled her and her body swung around abruptly. Sablan, the captain of the guard, stood in the waving doorway of the library, his dark hair fluctuating in the wind, his dark eyes looking at where her small fingers still rested on the binding of the book, the book of wandering fairies. Their eyes met. He saw the decision that filled her startled glance, flying in tiny shards of light across her pupils. He spoke then.
“You are leaving?”
Elena took in her breath. “I, I have only just decided. I haven’t yet spoken with my mother. You will not speak of it?”
“No,” he said, “I will not.” He looked at her, hard. “You know the danger?”
“Yes. Didn’t you?”
His head moved in acquiescence. “And, we both of us go anyway.” He spoke softly, whispering, his words hardly disturbing the air.
She smiled a quiet thanks and slipped past him, swiftly, her wings brushing the air before his eyes. He stood there watching the hanging curtain wave behind her. His eyes blank, his mind searching out the passion that had once held him and brought him from his mountain home just as hers was taking her now.

I must be abed now, my friends. Good night.


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