Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And We Went to Missouri

Yes... finally... to tell the story of our lovely trip to Missouri, to see dear friends and spend long desired time with them, something we had hardly dared hope to ever be possible. I cannot begin to describe our joy at the opportunity and how it blessed us to go, and do, and be there. I am already missing the dear ones; Liz and Isabelle and sweet Victoria. I spent so much time with them that I long to see the girl's sweet little faces again and feel their warmness near me.

Children.... what a gentle and precious gift... like the scent of flowers, flowers that remind you of your own childhood and make it seem all the closer.

Johanna took so many lovely photos.... I will let her now tell the story.....


Our trip started with cramming every corner and cranny of Sam's jetta full, hugging everyone goodbye, and turning on the music!

Emma and I tried not to be bored during the long 7 hour trip. (due to several wrong turns;)) We ate twizzlers and dreamed of soon seeing Liz!

Finally we arrived and were simply beside ourselves with joy, to see our beautiful friend again and her two adorable little girls. It was wonderful beyond words to see each other, chat and catch up on news, and actually hear Liz talk again! =)

I was especially beside myself with joy, for I found myself and my camera completely taken by little Victoria and sweet Isabelle.

Victoria Eleanor...

Isabelle Rose...

Saturday morning we took a stroll down to Mr. and Mrs. Fetter's house...

Emma held Victoria while Mrs. Fetters showed us around their beautiful new home.

Jonathan, Isabelle and I were a happy trio...

Isabelle loves Johnny sooooo much, she follows him everywhere! Sometimes though, she is shocked by the things he does!

Like not letting her go outside...

I decided to come to her rescue

But Johnny had something else on his mind...

His bicycle!!!! =)

Back at  Liz's house, we played with the little ones...

Then we felt hungry and so decided to fix dinner...well, I suppose you could say Liz and Em fixed dinner...I was busy with my camera;).

Sweet Victoria and her thumb...

Isabelle was very impatient for her dinner...

So, I tried to reason with her...

She seemed to like my idea =).

"What is this?"

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!" =)


Rosy could hardly contain her excitement!

She was pretty hungry ;).

"Give me that, you camera lady!!!!"

The next morning brought church and a dinner of delicious spaghetti at Joe and Christine's. (Liz's brother and sister in law)

Chloe felt a little hungry

*Photo taken by Sam D. Ramsey

I felt a little bored with the TV...

*Photo taken by Sam D. Ramsey

Emma talking to Victoria

James told us of his paintball adventures the day before

Chloe was quite alarmed at his story

*Photo taken by Sam D. Ramsey

After dinner we watched Napoleon Dynamite.  (Emma and I had never seen it)

Yeah, it was pretty funny...

*Photo taken by Sam D. Ramsey

Chloe thought it was hilarious!

*Photo taken by Sam D. Ramsey

Darling Isabelle woke up from her nap and came to see us.

*Photo taken by Sam D. Ramsey

Victoria woke up from her nap and didn't feel quite as happy.

So, we decided to step outside into the sunshine...

Isabelle found some yummy grass! =)

Sam let me use his camera to do a photo shoot with Liz. =)

She was a perfect model...

Rosie and her Mommy in the grass.

So happy to be together!!!!!

Sweet Victoria smiling up at her Mommy

And frowning at my camera!  ;)


Walking home....

Goodbye dear ones!!!!

And thus ended our precious trip, I hope you enjoyed looking!

~Johanna and Emma


emme said...

Thanks so much for sharing, girls! I always enjoy taking "peeks" into your life...it makes me feel like I really know you!

Johanna, you are simply wonderful at photography! It looks like you love babies as much as I do...☺


Hannah said...

Thanks for sharing pictures! It was great getting to meet you girls!

Unknown said...

It was fun meeting you too Hannah! (and your family:)) I was really sad we didn't get any photos for me to post:(.

Well, I'm really hoping I'll see you at the Bonnie Blue Ball and if so, I'm sure we'll get tons of pictures. =)

Miss you!


Anonymous said...

Aw, it looks like y'all had so much fun. I'm so glad you got to go!
Amazing pictures, Jo! I love them..
many hugs,

Unknown said...

Oh! I'm so glad you got to look through them Jolie. I can't believe I finally got them posted=). I'm soooo happy we got to go as well!

Thank you for leaving a comment. Miss you soooo much!


Meghan Durst said...

Lovely lovely pictures. Lol...I probably got to Missouri just after you got back from Missouri.

Julia Marie said...

Johanna, you are an amazing photographer!! Thanks so much for showing and telling us about your lovely trip!

Amber said...

Awwww! Those children are darling! It looks like you had tons of fun! Thanks for sharing so many lovely pictures!