Thursday, July 17, 2008

Something about me

I was browsing through the blogs in my blogroll and found that both Shannon's blog and Tiffany's have posted on them a "meme-ish" sort of thing. I want to do both since they sound so thrilling but have decided to do Shannon's first. It offers so much "scope for the imagination".:)

Note:  After I wrote this I found I'd just been tagged by Tiffany!:)  Thank you.

I am: ever so blessed.

I think: aloud.

I know: him who lives in me.

I have: so, so, much to be grateful for, more than my simple, human words can describe.

I wish: that I were less of a bumblehead.

I hate: hardly nothing in the real sense of the word.

I miss: my dear ones scattered all over the country.

I fear: human judgement... I must blush here, but it is true.

I feel: thoughtful.

I hear: My little brother and sister rough-housing in the living room and the sound of my sister Johanna's fingers flying over the keys of the computer keyboard.

I smell: only the clean warmth of the rug before me. Anything deeper my stuffy nose keeps me from.

I crave: being in a room with all my family, smiling at one another.

I search: for peace and strength in my mind and soul.

I wonder: how the rest of my day will pan out.

I regret: saying thoughtless things.

I love: My Creator and the world he has given me, my dear family and my dear friends, warm, savory food, and all my lovely books.

I ache: deep inside.

I am not: as graceful as my sister daily reminds me to be. :)

I believe: in the hope God has given me.

I dance: when my heart is light.

I sing: with all my heart, because my voice shares so much of what I am.

I cry: because it comforts me when I am sad, because joy warrants tears, and because God fills me with emotion.

I don't always: say the right things, but I will never stop trying.

I fight: to resist the temptation to read, though far less than is good for me.

I write: with everything that is in me, with fury and vigor and heart and soul.

I win: as much as I need to.

I lose: my train of thought much too much.:)

I never: know what a day will hold.

I always: am dreaming, of things real and unreal... :) silly me

I confuse: everyone because I talk much too fast.

I listen: to the sounds of life being lived around me, to every tiny sound in reach of my ears, unless that is, I'm buried in a book.:)

I can usually be found: thinking.

I am scared: when I think I've hurt someone I love, or when I wake from a nightmare

I need: nothing but the Lord of all.

I am happy about: a package coming in the mail.

I imagine: stories.

I am wearing: my blue dress

I look forward to: seeing my Daddy smile.

I must go now..... see you soon!



Unknown said...

Very nice Em:). Hmm...I wonder who I was writing to???? ;)

emme said...

How lovely, Emma!

It's always so nice to be able to catch a glimpse of someone else's thoughts and lives...especially when the "someone" is as special as you are!

We think much to much alike...☺


abi bechard said...

looking forward to our 'neat' and near meeting. *smile*