Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Even though I haven't the words

I feel, somehow, that I should share.  Perhaps I am making a request.  Perhaps I am merely musing.  But I must say something.

By the end of this day we should know who will sit in the Oval Office, who will lead our country.  It frightens me, terribly, to think of who it may be.  There is but one thing that keeps my head held high.  No matter who wins, no matter to whose name will be added the word, President, it is God who will lead our country.  If the hearts of his people are turned to him, he will lead us.  He will guide us and protect us.

I hate the media.  I know I should not hate,  and perhaps it is not the people I hate, but the deceptions they throw out to us, the mesh of lies and falsehoods that create the veil, no matter how thinly woven, that blinds the people of God to the truth.

Dear Father in Heaven, rip the veil.  Tear it in two.  Burn it in the fires of your wrath, and the fire of our passion for you.  Destroy the deception, Lord!  Help us to see!!  Go with us through this battle..

The day outside was a calm one, the sun covering the meadow like some gauzy gold shawl interwoven with glittering colored threads, it luxuriant folds dropped over the green of Fleure in a draping, flowing motion. Aldwin emerged from the palace into the brightness of the day, and found himself, looking up, blinded at the sun. The yellow orb lent a quietness to the air, and music seemed to drift from the sky, bathing him in light and peace.
“The calm before a storm,” he whispered. “Any moment we will feel the darkness again. We must be ready. He slipped to one knee behind a wall of white flowers and bowed his head.

“Be with us, Father. Night is coming. Awaken us when the day returns.”

-from "Wandrian, A Faerie's Journey"

Be with us, Father. Night is coming. Awaken us when the day returns.

Think deeply, my friends, before you make your mark, before you pen fills in that small round circle.  Think deeply.

And may God go with you,



Carla said...

I have to say, you have such a great talent for writing :)

I can't vote yet and I live in Canada actually but I'll be praying! Indeed, we should always know and remember that it is God who leads us...always.

Amanda Read said...


I know exactly how you feel. Oh, I pray something good will come about in the midst of these unfortunate national circumstances. I will still praise the LORD.

I love your blog! I found it while looking for Christian filmmakers' blogs.

Take care and MAY GOD BLESS,

Anonymous said...

Well said.

We now know who is our president. We are in Gods hands now. Like you said we have to keep our heads held high. God is leading our country, we might not understand His ways, but He is with us none the less.

We need to keep our hearts and thoughts turned towards Him.

The media does make it hard to know what to think, and what is really true when the media is biased.

I do love your post and thank you for the encouragement. Beautiful pictures. Did you or your sister take them? Have a good day.

(thank you so much for posting on my blog! i was very excited!)

Jolie said...

Wow, it's pretty scary, that such a man will be our president. But you're right--God is in control, and we need to trust Him for whatever happens. I was really REALLY sad when I first found out--but I'm okay now, just resting in the promises of God. He's going to take care of His people, no matter what! We may not know what His plan is right now...but someday we'll see, and know that His plan is the best plan. =)

have a great day, ladies! =)

love y'all! =)


Sara said...

Well said, and with such lovely photos!

(I found y'all off of AbigailRose. Hello!)

emme said...

Ah, Emma...the essence of your words echo in my own heart.

Though the world changes, God always stays the same. How blessed we are to have that assurance and be able to see it clearly!

Love you both!

The Dutchess said...

Beautiful blog...

Rebecca Ann said...

a wonderful post and yes God is our ultimate leader and He is in control. I found your blog through the sense and sensibility forum. Your blog was in your signature. I am so glad we are blessed with a great God who we can trust even when the world is so totally filled with uncertainty.

in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Beautifully well put! Thank you for the encouragement even though there is darkness and doubt! God is ALWAYS FAITHFUL!

Joyuflly His Servant,
Megan Marie

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for the comment!!!
So to not have a blogspot address you have to purchase a custom domain. Thats $10.00 for every year and you can do it where they bill you automatically or yo can do it manually. The server is Go Daddy but have to request the domain name on your account settings page under "publishing." Well I hope this has been a help, let me know if you have any more questions.
PS The pictures are very well done. They remind me of days gone by of an era slowly fading into the past,like leaves in the fall. Their beauty vanquished their time of glory coldly ended by the deathly grip of winter, fast approaching.
I love photography, and well written phrases....keep it up!!!

Laura said...

Hi there!!

I found your blog last night - came back today and read it from the very beginning.

You have such a wonderful blog!! You girls are amazing.