Thursday, October 30, 2008

And finally... Week in Feminine Dress, Day Seven

So much time has passed, I know, but last Saturday was a day to remember, and one, therefore, I cannot neglect sharing with you...

We rose early and washed our hair, lifting over our heads soft rayon and linen dresses made for our film, "The Photographer, How the Rain Falls". We put on our vintage shoes and our vintage hats, our gloves and our jewelry, and we were ready.

It was a parade, a parade of antique cars. Our brother, Sam, is wanting to sell the 1926 Chevy Sedan we used in our film, so he decided to run it through our city's annual antique car parade. So, of course, we put on our costumes and, fifteen minutes later, were sitting in the sedan in a long line of other old cars... waiting for the parade to commence.

And then, it did! And we were off...

It felt, almost, like we were at a reenactment; so many people wanted to take our pictures, so many faces lighting up with interest at the sight of our hats and our gloves waving out the car windows.

Our dresses are both made from vintage patterns and real rayon and linen. And don't you love the shoes? The hat I'm wearing is one of my very favorites. Do you notice my big, round "cheaters"? They are actual vintage eyeglasses with my prescription in them.

Afterwards, we came home to rest, donning more comfortable clothes.

Johanna, with the anticipation of another trip to town, wore her lacy, white, eyelet skirt, paired with a black and white polka-dotted blouse. Isn't the ensemble ever so sweet?

I wore my ever favorite, cowl-neck sweater over my embroidered denim skirt. For accent, I added a black necklace I made myself.

And here is Grace.  Isn't she sweet?  Her skirt is from Chadwicks and her top is from Bealls.  Don't her black beads and black shoes touch it off perfectly?  Not to mention her smile.

And that was the end, a rather eventful day... one full of memories, memories of our film, of the work we put into it, and full of good byes, good bye to the car we've grown to love so much, good bye to all the memories filling its warm, fragrant, interior.

So, for the moment, farewell, dear friends...

Emma and Johanna


Carla said...

You made a film?! Cool! I loooove movies and love acting.

As I usually say, lovely photos :)! You all are always so very stylish.

Anonymous said...

I love Johanna's outfit... so very pretty. The sweater is gorgeous.
I can't wait to see the movie...I have to save up to buy it, though.

Anonymous said...

That sounded like you all had so much fun! The dressing up, riding around in an old fasioned car. It's very beautiful! Too bad you had to sell it! Your outfits are quite lovely. I love the vintage dressed. Great hats!

And I love all of your skirt and blouse outfits. very pretty. :)

Are you able to buy the movie you made in a store? I would like to see very much.

God Bless,

Amy said...

I simply adore your vintage outfits!! You look amazing! And the picture by the car is so cute!


Amy said...

BTW, how much does your brother want to sell the car for? Just curious, because my Dad's logo looks similar to that car! You can email me, if you'd like!:)


Unknown said...

Thank you all so much for your compliments!

Carla, yes! We produced a film! Come check out the movie website:

Kesley and Stephannie, thank you for your lovely compliments and your interest in our film. Sadly, unless you live in our little town where we have copies available, you can only order them from our website. We haven't been able to get them in a store yet. :) Thank you again!

Many blessings on each of you,

~Johanna (Ella:))

Anonymous said...

You girls are just so cute! It makes me want to dress up too seeing you all in your beautiful costumes! Great job.
Oh! I'm missing you girls more and more! *crys* You girls are going to have to come visit sometime!

Clare said...

Girls, I never got around to commenting on how much I love your outfits!

And they remind me... I need to put The Photographer on my Christmas wishlist. I've been wanting to get it for so very long.

Laura said...

Love your outfits! They are so beautiful!!

Rachael said...

Wow! I am taken-aback by all these gorgeous out-fits!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos.!! Those vintage dresses are so pretty. Good Luck!!