Friday, October 24, 2008

Week In Feminine Dress, Day Six

The week has wandered by quietly, though crowded with sturdy work and busy thoughts.  Now it draws to a close.  Tomorrow is the last day... and then another week begins.

We went into town today, to attend an estate sale, anxious to dig through boxes and peer over rows of books, hoping to discover something amazing.  

I wore a deep orange turtleneck and my denim skirt embroidered with darker thread, both from Macy's.  
Then came my cozy, fleece-lined, brown, ballet flats.

To accessorize, I added my brown, corduroy jacket, my floral messenger bag, and my brown, newsboy-ish  hat.

Aren't these earrings lovely?

Johanna wore her darling little corduroy skirt from Goody's and her glittery, black t-neck with its elegant bell sleeves.

Her accessories?  Dark tights, a headband, and her black flats with shiny patent leather toes, a gift from Kami.

Grace wore a comfy denim skirt with an embroidered top.  To add a splash of color, she put on her dark pink shoes.

And then, of course, some beads....:)

For some odd reason, I feel as if it shouldn't be the end of October, but the end of December.  Lying on my back on our living room floor, swathed in soft flannel, feeling the chill of the outdoors in my mind, though I was so warm, it felt, truly, like winter.  It felt as if it should be Christmas, as if my mind should be echoing with favorite songs and last minute plans.  But, not yet.....

May this winter be a winter of hope and joy,

Emma and Johanna


emme said...

You all look lovely...but I have to say, I have a special fondness for Grace's shoes! ☺


Jolie said...

Your outfits are all amazing! I really love your skirt and top though, Johanna--together they are SO cute!! Love 'em! =)
love y'all...and hope to hear from you soon.. ;-)

Rachael said...

Such a gorgeous blog! I look forward to viewing it more and more, as time will come!
You are all so beautiful, are you siblings?
I hope you may be blessed by your wonderful blog posts!!

Emma Pearl said...

Thank you all!

Emily, I know! Aren't those shoes so lovely! She got them when she was out on the town with her older brother.:) It makes them special.

Jolie, we miss you too!!! But of course you knew that.:D

Rachael, thank you so much! I'm glad you like our blog. Yes, we are siblings. There are four of us girls and three boys.:) It is so much fun.

Be blessed,


Rachael said...

That's lovely! So, on your other blog are you all a member of the band you have?

Emma Pearl said...

Yep! It's a family thing:)


Gospel Ship Ministry said...

Hi Emma & Sisters!!
We are friends of the Kiernans.(theninthhour) and just found your blogs. In our family there are also 4 sisters, then 1 brother,younger. All your outfits are cute!! God bless you!
Julia Ann Mullen

Anonymous said...

As always, you girls look marvelous! I love your style and flare! :D I love your hat Emma! It's so unique!
Seeing pictures of you girls makes me miss you more and more!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Eleree and Ella! My name is Stephanie. I just found your blog, it is just wonderful! I have a xanga blog, and found your brothers blog, then I saw that your family has a band, so I checked that out, and then I found you two! I have to say that your family is so talented! It has always been my dream to be in a band, with family! Your music and vocals are awesome. I wish I lived in Texas so I could come and see you all play! I also love music. I play piano and flute, and i teach piano and flute lessons. I absolutley love your style! I love vintage, but i never think that i can pull it off! You two totally do! Well, I'm looking forward to reading your blog!

God Bless you, I can see Jesus' love shinning in your faces! What a wonderful gift!


Everly Pleasant said...

I just wanted to say that you have a lovely blog and a beautiful family!
I loved your series on feminine dress. You all look so lovely and tasteful. I just found y'all off of "Heritage Sisters" and took a liking to y'all right away. We both seem to have rather large families and we only live about four hours and forty-five minutes away from each other (I just googled Winnsboro.)
Anyway, it is very nice to meet you two.
Everly P

Laura said...

Such a wonderful blog you have!! It's very nice to meet you. I'm Laura *waves*