Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It was in the thesaurus, under random....

It seems an apt definition for the Six Random Things meme, erratic, unplanned, haphazard.  Especially since we were tagged for it in triplets... :) We were tagged by Tiffany,, Carla, and Amanda. So, shall we begin?  And see what sort of things pop randomly onto this page...

Rules: Link to the person who tagged you.... list the rules, write six random things, tag six people, letting them know you tagged them, and let the person who tagged you know you've written the post.

#1.  Emma is a voracious and rather selfish reader, who grabs her book when she should be doing other things....

#2.  Johanna has slightly crooked sapphire eyes, which her brother pointed out to her one day, and now she has become very proud of them. (yes, this is Johanna writing...;-)

#3.  Emma loved studying the history of Ancient Egypt and has a peculiar enjoyment of Greek myths and legends.

#4.  Johanna has always dreamed of being famous...(I know, shocking!)

*Photo credit to Sarah Anne Ramsey, (our youngest photographer) thus, the "glamourous" pose! =)

#5.  Emma has worn glasses since she was 7 years old.

#6.  Johanna has had the job of feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs since the age of 9.

#7.  Emma is fast becoming a Dickens snob, or should I say, a Dickens aficionado.

#8.  Johanna's favorite evening activity is watching a B&W movie with her family whilst drinking a mug of tea of coffee.

#9.  Emma...  (are my random things all too closely related to books?  I shall try another course)  Emma wears sweaters, even in the summer, because she tends to be quite cold natured.  Warmth?  Ahhh... that is comfort.

#10.  Johanna likes to take walks under the moonlight at night, listening to nighttime sounds and feeling the warmth and beauty of our Creator, surrounding her.

#11.  Let's see... the last one.  Perhaps I can make it really good.:)  Emma spends half of her day in other worlds, whether she is buried in the imagination of her own stories, or delving into the tales written by another....

#12.  Johanna tries to keep up with Emma's constant book suggestions but is still only getting through the classic "must-reads"...ho, hum...

Did you notice that we went to #12.?  Yes, of course.  But we have an excuse, see?  2 times 6 is 12, after all.

Oh! Oh! One more!  #13.  Johanna and Emma both are crazy about spending time with their family.... they are such an amazing family!!!

We tag...
Abby at Abigail Rose
Amber and Heather at Our Family - Behind the Scenes

Time is drifting by... our thoughts are captured by things on opposite spheres, on the death of a friend of a friend, and on the joyous tidings of a new life to be birthed to two very dear friends.  It makes us rather sober, seeing life and death so close together.  How can our own small sorrows and joys matter anymore?

Only God knows.... And that is more than enough.

Emma and Johanna

P.S.  Johanna loves the Andrew Sisters!!!!  Bie Mir Bist Du Schoen, please let me explain.  Bie Mir Bist Du Schoen means you're grand!  Bie Mir Bist Du Schoen, it's such an old refrain but let me try to explain, Bie Mir Bist De Schoen means that you're grand!


Carla said...

Yay, your six randoms :)!

Lovely photos by the way. You two have got great style and taste in clothes :)

Emma Pearl said...

Thanks!:) You beat me to leaving you a comment, letting you know I'd done it.:)


emme said...

Thanks for sharing you two...

Hmm...why am I not surprised that Johanna has always dreamt of being famous & that most of Emma's 'random' things have to do with books??? ☺


Katie said...

I love the Andrew's Sisters!!!! WW2 and Big Band are probably my favorite eras. Not counting classical as a whole :)
I will never forget the time my mom came into the living room and asked me if could please come home from Prague for a little while and help her with something. I was completely lost in the book Prague Counterpoint. I just looked at her like "what?!?"

Clare said...

Thanks for sharing your random things... they were such fun to read!

Johanna, let me tell you, you and your sister certainly have enough talent to be famous! As it is, you already are... look at all the gals who read your blog, adore your photography, your sense of style, your character, and everything else about you!

The photography is, as always, lovely, as are the beautiful young ladies in them! You girls have such a great style.

God bless!

Jolie said...

So I've been tagged..well, apparently I'm supposed to let you know I've written my own random post like yours..and I have. ;-)

sounds like fun! =)

love you so much!!


Crooked Stream said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love this post-I love you girls! :D :D

Hannah said...

Great post, girls! :)

Julia Marie said...

Ditto #7 & #10!!

Family said...

You girls are so cute! And BTW... ALREADY famous!!

I'll do my erratic post ASAP! How fun!

Unknown said...


And the Andrews Sisters. And Black & White Movies. And I am already famous. ;)

Anonymous said...

You gals are so cute! I am delighted to have found your blogspot! I am posting a note on an apron I made that is up for grabs: its destiny will be determined by a poll.I will post it on S&S.
Mrs. Smith
"Auntie Em" of The Salt Box