Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week In Feminine Dress, Day One

Today we returned from a weekend spent with extended family.  The pleasures therein are many and much; evenings around the campfire, a cold swim in the lake, football on the grassy knoll, smiling over pictures of all of us, years and years ago.  

Truly, there is nothing like it.

We were not in skirts today, but felt, nevertheless, feminine, in our comfortable, but pretty, clothes.

Johanna wore her soft, yellow, dotted swiss blouse, with her jeans rolled up, some vintage blue beads, and, for a touch of autumn and the expectation of cooler weather, her red and blue scarf.  On her feet are her favorite, and rather worn, black ballet flats.

I wore my denim capris and my long, black top with the smocked yoke. Over it, for warmth against the slight coolness in the air, I wore my cozy red sweater.  To add femininity and elegance, I added my vintage, big, teal-ish beads, and my matching polka dot ballet flats.

Until tomorrow... Auf Wiedersehen!

Emma and Johanna


Clare said...

Lovely! Though I know the general idea is to wear skirts, I always really enjoy it when one of the ladies shows off her feminine jeans/trousers outfit. I dress in them for certain activities myself, so I'm always looking for inspiration on how to 'feminize' them. Thanks for sharing!

Carla said...

Beautiful pictures!


Amy said...

You both look so adorable!! I love how your outfits coordinate! :)


p.s. Emma, I sent you an email!!

Jolie said...

You ladies look absolutely gorgeous, as usual. =) I LOVE your outfits!! Great job! =)

love y'all!


Keri said...

I love the outfits and the scenery! You look quite modest, feminine, and stylish!