Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week In Feminine Dress, Day Four

Autumn stepped abruptly in today, darting in on a rushing wind like an unexpected guest, gushing with joy and filling the air with her colorful voice. She left us shivering, and happy smiles darting past our teeth as we frolicked in the cool air.

Today was another day spent in the cabinet shop, and tomorrow will be another, but it will be the last, and we are happy, happy and hopeful.

I wore my green, embroidered dress from Macy's over a very lovely cream, 1900's inspired, blouse from Chadwick's. To add to the photo, I stepped into Johanna's creamy, cut-out heels, my vintage shawl, and the latest addition to our vintage accessories, a lovely, ivory umbrella...

The air that swept through the finely woven layer of my shawl whispered of autumn, and of rain. I could feel the thickness of the coming storm in the air around and over the silky fabric of my umbrella...

Fall is upon us.

Johanna flitted downstairs in her vintage blue, pleated skirt, found at a thrift store, and a hand-me-down green, paisley top.  Beneath the top she wore our wool, beaded tank from Dress Barn.

And to top it all off and add just a hint of sparkle, she laid some glittering, blue-greeny, vintage beads around her neck, and clipped onto her ears the matching blue earrings.

Grace wore a burgundy dress from J.C.Penney, with sweet, little rosebuds around the color, and buttons across the bodice.  For warmth, she enveloped herself in her pink shawl.

Johanna and I discovered something tonight.  We were browsing Ebay, for various reasons, and came across a gorgeous navy pillbox hat, velvet, with two ribbon bands and little buttons, worn and owned by Myrna Loy.... Really and truly!! We nearly died with our exuberant gasps, watching the time from 23 min. to 10 min. to 35 seconds.  And the someone else got it, because we couldn't really, even though it was a steal at $99.99!  We are sad now.... but full of thoughts, whether they be happy or sad.

Shall we say good night?  Tomorrow we shall see you again!!!

Emma and Johanna


Clare said...

I think these are my favorites of your outfits yet! I just love them all!

Carla said...

I'll say it again, you all are so very classy and stylish! You dress so fashionable but at the same time modest!


Jolie said...

wow! each outfit y'all put on is more stunning than the last...=)

Tiffany said...

Wow, these outfits are amazing.

Emma-I love the blouse you have on. It's so pretty and feminine and lovely.

Johanna-That color is so beautiful on you. Perfect!

Grace-I think that a graceful, feminine shawl is the perfect accent for a lady!

I can't wait to see what y'all are wearing tomorrow!


Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Just lovely. You girls have a wonderful sense of style!

Incidentally, did you happen to see the video clip I posted on my blog Tuesday? I had an idea you might enjoy it. :)