Thursday, October 23, 2008

Week In Feminine Dress, Day Five

Today was half spent in the shop, sanding and refining what remained of the hardwood doors.  We sped through, thinking only of what lay at the end of it, and by 10:45 we were finished.

We hurried to the house, shaking the dust from our clothes and slipping on fresh ones...

We went to get the mail just before dinner.

I wore my long skirt of the loveliest, softest flannel, made last winter, with my teal silk blouse from J.C.Penney. 

My sleeves are so elegant, they flutter around my arms in gorgeous, silken folds, pushing my imagination into the days when such things were an everyday appearance.

To add, and because they match so well, I slid my feet into my greeny, polka-dot, ballet flats.

Johanna wore a dark print, rayon skirt found at a thrift store, pairing it with our ever favorite cream wool tank, and a cozy black sweater.  

And, to cover her feet, she put on her beloved, black, ballet flats.

And to accessorize, round her neck went a lovely necklace of brown beads.

Grace too wore a rayon skirt, this one in a red with navy flowers, and wore with it her favorite white blouse from J.C.Penney.

Doesn't she look just like a princess?

Our Grace Kathleen....

I shall get into to bed now, wrapping myself in my flannel nightgown, embracing the chill in the air outside, glad that, once again, winter approaches.

May you all have dreams so sweet,

Emma and Johanna


Clare said...

Beautiful outfits, girls! Johanna, I just love yours... all those brown shades!

Julia Marie said...

You three are so lovely!! And you coordinate everything so well! :)

Amy said...

You all look gorgeous!! I love your blouse, Emma!