Monday, October 20, 2008

Week In Feminine Dress, Day Two

The day woke us with a slight chill that crept beneath out covers like a laughing child, pushing cold fingers around us and making our own hands reach out to tighten the warmth of the blankets around us.

We rose, finally, in the chill, and slipped into our clothes...

I in my green linen dress from Macy's.... its pretty belt making me feel quite a lady, and cozy brown flats lined with fleece, from Target.

Johanna wore her fall-ish striped top, a beloved autumn piece that was unearthed in our boxes of winter clothes several years ago and still serves us well.  Beneath was a crisp, white, collared shirt, from which came, flowing softly, her paneled khaki skirt from Van Heusen.

Notice the lovely book between her hands?  It is a favorite, a lovely romance by Baroness Orczy titled, "Beau Brocade".

And then of course, our sweet sister, Grace, in her lovely brown, smocked blouse from Macy's, a denim skirt, and a stylish striped scarf.

Until tomorrow!  May you have the sweetest of dreams...

Emma and Johanna

Note:  All photographs of Johanna during WIFD were taken by Emma.  (thanks Em!)  All others are taken by Johanna.  (thanks to me! ;))


Clare said...

You look smashing, gals!

I love your stairway... look at all those beautiful old photographs!

Carla said...

So classy and stylish

Jolie said...

Wow-it amazes me how y'all can ALWAYS put together outfits that look so stylish and lovely, yet feminine and modest. =)And you don't even always use jewelry to accessorize-you Ramsey ladies experiement with scarves, etc..and that's very cool. :) very creative. very beautiful.

love y'all!!

Jolie said...

but jewelry is nice too--(otherwise I wouldn't have bought you that necklace, Jo!) ;-)
and I notice you did have jewelry this time.. It's beautiful. =) I wasn't saying that jewelry isn't nice..because it is..obviously. =)

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Lovely outfits! I really like that autumn-colored striped top.