Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week In Feminine Dress, Day Three

Today was long... and tiring. Johanna and I rose at a timely hour and hurried through breakfast in order to make the short walk to the cabinet shop and be there for work at eight'o'clock. The work, being very dusty and involving heavy wood and lots of glue, left us little opportunity for feminine dress. I think, though, that the experience of working beside our Dad, moving with him through the work he does every day, made every slight inconvenience more than worth it....

Need I mention that the income derived from building cabinet doors brings us closer and closer to earning enough to fill the empty hole of our savings and take us to Washington to see our dearest Kami and Keslie? Woohoo!

We did manage, as the day drew gently to a close, to dress our weary selves in clothes that refreshed us and made us feel quite feminine.

I wore my much loved, creamy pleated skirt, bought in Mexico, paired with a wool tank with a beaded neckline from Dress Barn, and green, crocheted, wrap sweater from the same.

To add to the color and to experiment, I added my newest handmade jewelry piece that will soon be added to our Etsy shop. It is a long necklace of green and brown and gold, with a wooden leaf pendant drifting gently at the end.

Johanna wore her lavendar skirt made from a vintage pattern for our film, "The Photographer, How the Rain Falls" and a gorgeous white blouse with a black ribbon belt from Macy's.

For jewelry, she slipped on her silver heart from Jolie, and her lovely earrings from Kami, not to mention a special bracelet from our cousin, Alyssa.

Grace put on her wonderfully autumnal dress found at a thrift store, it's lovely cotton folds of a rust colored and navy print accented perfectly by her vintage blue beads.

Sarah Anne decided she too would be "feminine" and slipped into a picture in her denim skirt salvaged from an old pair of capris. I love the multiple ruffles! It was so much fun to make this simple skirt, and Sarah Anne was thrilled. She paired it with her pink and blue striped top. Isn't she sweet?

Then, of course, Matthew wanted to join in, for his "Week in Manly Dress". Here he is in his little red polo and green denim shorts.

There never was such a darling boy....

I must sign off, dear friends.... tomorrow is upon us.


Emma and Johanna


Family said...

Ah! You all are so lovely (and handsom)!

I love your writing Emma!!

Clare said...

You all look great!

Emma, I'm really in love with that sweater of yours. The green and white look wonderful together!

Carla said...

Lovely photographs

You all are so pretty :)

Jolie said...

You all look so nice..=) I love that green sweater Emma! And I also love your skirt, Johanna..so pretty. =) Great photos, as usual! =)

Crooked Stream said...

Ohhh! How beautiful! Aww! You girls make me miss you more each time I read your blog...especially when you say something about seeing each other!!! :D :D Oh! So sweet. Thank you for the lovely post! And tell Matt I think he looks quite dashing himself. ;)

Tiffany said...

I love your outfits! I really like that you wear you outfits from The Photographer on a daily basis.

I also didn't know that you had an Etsy shop. That was really fun to look at!