Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For the thought of You...

Because I know you all miss us...:)  and because I felt like sharing after reading Emily's beautiful and unforgettable excerpt from her own life, I thought I'd give you a peek through the windows of my life at present.

Here is some of what I have been working on... as often as I can.

A small family were gathered in the large-room of their home. The darkness was creeping softly across the floor, kept beneath their feet by the light of many candles. They were a mother and father, a son, and two daughters.
The elder daughter had her brown-y blue eyes bent on her sister’s face, a soft face that was aglow with joy.
“She wants you then?” The question came from the rosy lips beneath the elder daughter’s dark eyes. The rest of the family bent their heads in, listening too, awaiting the response of the younger girl.
“I asked her, like I’ve told you, and she was ever so sweet and blushing, happy, you know, that I’d want to do such a thing.”
The mother rose from her seat, her own graying hair still alive with the curls she shared with her daughters. A curious, motherly gladness was stealing over her softly wrinkled face. “My own daughter, servant to the ducissa. Oh! What wonderful things are happenin’ in my old age.” Her thin hand reached for her daughter’s. “I’m ever so proud of you, Leslie.”
“Thanks Mum. I hoped maybe I could make you so. But I thought, too, that serving someone so special to our people was a fit occupation for a girl like me. I’m simple, Mum, Dad.” She turned her head, still holding tightly to her mother’s hand, and gazed at the faces that looked back into hers. “I’m a simple person, not the smartest, nor the prettiest. But I think it fair to say I’ve got a good hand on kindness. I think that this, perhaps, is a way I can use it.”
Windsong, the sister, smiled with the smile that only one sister can give to the other, understanding the other’s words completely, remembering so much that spoke of their truth, happy in the memories they evoked. “I think so too, Les.” She said. “Your helpfulness always was destined for great things.”
“You’re a good girl, Lessie.” Her father spoke the words, and Leslie’s blue eyes beamed in her round face. Her brother too was grinning at her.
“It’s a bit odd to me, Les.” A smile was hiding in his words. “But I’m glad you’re happy. And I think Windy’s right. Something like this had to bump into you sooner or later. You were meant for it.”

It's rather simple, a sort of glimpse into the life of Fleurian faerie family. They are not huge characters, but their lifestyle, how their family works, and how that affects the other characters in the story, bears a heavy role in Part One.

Speaking of which! I shall finally make my thrilling announcement, one that some of you may have already heard. I have officially finished the first draft of my 272 page, 68,950 word...

A Faerie's Journey

I'm so happy!! The second draft is in progress. " Part One, In The Beginning" is officially ready for it's third draft.

I shall leave you now, ever so thoughtful and wishing you unending joy.



emme said...

Oh, how beautiful, Emma! I'm always so happy to find that you've written some new excerpt to share on your always make me want to cry, or dance, or skip with joy!

Thank you, dear one, for your sweet words... You'll never know how much your friendship means to me! Your much too kind words always leave me slightly bewildered and speechless...but ever so thankful!

I hope your day is filled with blessings and your new year filled with joy!


Jolie said...

Oh wow, Emma. That was amazing...I love your writing style! =) I'm soo excited about you finishing your first draft! Being somewhat of a writer myself, I can appreciate what that must mean to you. =) I hope the very best for your work--are you intending on trying to publish your book? That would be reaally cool. =)
Talk to y'all soon

* ~*Jolie*~*

Crooked Stream said...

:D :D :D :D: D That was so intriguing! I am overflowing with joy!!!!! :D :D :D

The Editrix said...

Hi girls - I only recently discovered your blog, but I already LOVE it!

I've given you this blog award, if you're interested.

Faisal said...

Sometimes i am wondering how some of u can create such a wonderful site
like this....Owaaaaa....i don't have much time....else i could try the way, keep it up ;)