Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grace Kathleen

Celebrating 14 years....

of life with the dearest, sweetest sister,

a voice full of purity and heart,

and a big love for her family.

We love you dear Grace!

Emma and Johanna,
and the rest of the Ramsey clan


Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Grace!!

Jolie said...

Oh, happiest of birthdays, dear, dear Grace! I hope her day is absolutely and completely amazing...just like she is. ;) Ilove you Grace!!!
Girls~please tell Grace that the Dalton ladies say 'happy birthday' and 'we love you'. =)

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, Grace!!!!

Gabrielle said...

Happy Birthday, Grace!!!! That dress is lovely!

~Gabrielle (AnneGirl)

Mrs. E said...

Happy Birthday to Grace Kathleen!!
May the Lord bless you richly!!!
What lovely photos. ;)

Blessings~ Miss Jen

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Grace!!!

Your Birthday pictures are simply stunning!!! :)

emme said...

Happy, happy birthday, sweet Grace!

May this year be one filled with blessings for you and yours,


Everly Pleasant said...

Happiest of Birthdays Grace!
My little sister is fourteen as well...wonderful age. As a matter of fact, fourteen is a clever age. She gave me The Photographer on DVD...very clever of her indeed. You're a marvelous pianist from what we've heard!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Grace~
I hope you day was a wonderful one! And your playing is just beautiful from what I have heard! Lovely dress!


Lauren Bohannan said...

Beautiful cousin! Happy Happy Birthday! I love you!

Elissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grace! I hope and pray you have a wonderful 14th year!!!


Renee said...

Happy birthday! Great pictures!

I'm doing a study on music on my blog...if your interested in following check it out and leave a comment!
~Have a nice day~

Elizabeth J. said...

Lovevly pictures.=0