Monday, March 1, 2010

To All of Texas

Dear Texans,

Tomorrow is day beyond importance.  Tomorrow, those of us who are old enough, will leave our homes, and enter our polling places, and press down our vote for the future of our state.

The race for governor in the state of Texas has been a unique one, moving from mediocre to exhilarating in the space of a few months.  A David has risen up from out of nowhere, a David to fight two Goliaths.

It isn't often that I voice my political views, but, dear friends, if you are a Texan, and you are a registered voter, stand up, raise your head, and take a stand for freedom.  Please, vote for Debra Medina.

Some may have never heard of her.  Some may have heard too much, due to the recent hype over her interview with Glenn Beck.  For both, please, look again.  Dig a little deeper.  

Debra is a registered nurse who home-schooled her children and is hugely involved in her church and her community.  She understands what it means to be a citizen of Texas.  She will fight for our rights.  She uphold the truth of the constitution, and bring the government of Texas back to what it was meant to be.

Governor Perry has mentioned repeatedly, during the campaign, that Texas is doing better than any other state in the Union, proudly, trying to prove his ability to continue as our Governor.  Debra Medina's response laid the situation out beneath the light.

"No one is proud to be standing 
on the high end of a sinking ship."
So please, before you make your decision, before you are swayed by friends and media, look for yourself. Listen for yourself, and give Texas a chance at freedom.

Click here to view Debra during the Texas Gubernatorial Debate.

In all sincerity,


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