Thursday, March 18, 2010


There is a certain magic in twilight
In the hour just before the dark of night 
Lays its hands firmly over the earth,

In the smoky dusk of the falling day,
In the remembrances of what lies behind us
In preparing for what stands ahead.

It takes a certain strength to live this life,
To push aside the hands that scramble to bar our way,
To release the moisture that wells inside our eyes,
To let our hearts go.

Twilight is the place for that,
Just before the darkness falls,
Just before the candle we hold before us
Is snuffed out...

And we are left with our hands held out
To grasp the arms of God
The sunlight, warm against our backs...
The darkness, its whisper against our faces like a gift.

Because we know, that there 
In the darkness,
In the very depths of our solitude,
In the midnight of our fears,
We will find Him.

And we will love Him
More than we ever have before.


Mrs. E said...

We serve a mighty God!

Lovely pictures, too!! :)

Sr Crystal Mary said...

Superb!well said! Congratulation...
Blessings from Oz. Australia.

Joanna Kristina said...

This was lovely... it spoke to my heart! He is Good.