Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Autumn Says Farewell

With a sputter of wind, and then a rush of chilling air...

Autumn waves farewell.

The scarlet leaves are scattered
winter tugging them from the graying trees.

The children flee from indoors to 
chase about in the pleasant weather, 

..and toss the fallen leaves skyward.

Dusk comes sooner, and the late autumn sun sends 
shades of amber over the yellow fields.

We slip out after dinner, Johanna and I, armed with Jo's camera, 
captivated by the rushing of the autumn air.

The wind, still whispering with the last warmth of a summer long gone, 
brushes its fingers across the earth.

Slowly, but surely, dusk deepens to darkness, 
and night settles over Rambellwood.

-the end-



Lydia Covey said...

Oh how I love fall and this post. Such lovely fall leaves, well written words, and beautiful girls :). The pictures are just splendid! Oh how I love fall.

Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!

Looking forward to hopefully getting together with you girls soon.... :)

Elissa said...

Lovely post! And Just gorgeous photos!