Sunday, November 7, 2010

by Sarah Anne

The sea is blue.

The sky is too.

The children shout.
Sailboats are out.

The seagulls fly
Up in the sky

Palm branches sway
In the cool day.

Butterfly wings flap
And little children clap.

The ships are large, but far away
Sailing in their very proud way,

And though I'm stuck inside all day,

When my father returns,
On the beach I'll play.

Sarah Anne and Matthew, with Mom and Dad and Johanna,
 returned from California last week.  
The above poem, written by Sarah Anne, 
was a school project during their month away, and, I think, 
a darling perspective of their lives in Santa Barbara. 
 Read more of the story here.


Nicole Mullins said...

What beautiful imagery! Now i want to go to the beach. Tell her I said she has a gift with words. I LOVE her poem.

Jolie said...

Oh my goodness...that was lovely! I tell you what: that girl has got some talent, for sure!! :D She takes after her big sister Emma I see. ;]

Hilary said...

Oh, how I love this! Sarah Anne is a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart (as well as an extremely gifted writer). I wonder who she gets it from... ;) I cannot wait to read more! Give her my love and a hug for me. :)