Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quite Suddenly

Suddenly, I am bereft of words.  How weary one grows, taking step after step, day after day.  So many, many things crowd my days... but, despite their frantic tugging at my soul, despite how they wrap around my thoughts, at every moment, they are joyous things.

Things such as... 

When I've finished my Math, I'll be ready for college in the fall.

If I keep, working, keep striving, my card business will become something.

How excited all my family members will be 
When they unveil, on Christmas morning,
 the treasures being created under their very noses.

If I don't stop, if I keep on, I'll have my driving license before February.

How much I will enjoy, once I have practiced to my satisfaction, 
standing in the third floor closet, recording the vocals for our newest song.

And then, waiting its turn at the back of my mind...  

When I get a moment, a blessed, empty moment
to sit down, and write a description of my book, 
what it is about, why it is important in today's market, 
and what genre it fits in, then, Oh Then
 I can package it up in a large yellow envelope, 
and put it in the mail..  in the mail
on its way to a publisher, to see what we can see.

Mmm.... and now the night grows late, and sleeps tugs at me.  Tomorrow is a new day, a full day, and, hopefully, a successful day.

Good night, dear friends,


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Everly Pleasant said...


You are living my yesteryear! And a little bit of my 2010 as well. The graduation happened last May and my driver's license the Summer before. I'm still waiting for a chance to put something in an envelope to a faraway, life-changing office, but all in good time I suppose.

Blessings this Christmastime,