Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Explain

Yes, dear friends, we are renovating the blog, and adding quite a few exciting new elements.

First, you'll be hearing more about my business.  Remember this post a little while back?  I'll be sharing new products, asking for ideas from you, our friends, taking a trip into my studio to see where I work and what inspires me, and even some giveaways!

Second, we want to know what you think of the blog.  What is your favorite part about our blog?  What would you like to see more of?  What would you like us to share?

Thirdly... Johanna will be making a small announcement of her own very soon.  Stay tuned for her post.

Last of all, we want to change our focus, to make this blog more a part of our lives, more than just a "blog because everyone else has a blog".  Johanna and I love to work and create together, we love our family, and the gifts we've been given, here, in the place God has put us, and we have a passion to share all of that.

So, are you ready to take this journey with us?  Let us know what you think of our ideas, and share your own thoughts about A Banner of Crimson.

Emma and Johanna

Before You Go

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Lydia Covey said...

You girls are so dear! I am always so excited to see an update on your blogs :)
So, I am happy to share my thoughts!
I'll be excited to see more of your cards, they are so lovely. I just love homemade cards and look forward to hearing and seeing more about your business!
What is my favorite part.... I'll be honest, pictures. Pictures of you all and your life. I love to "see" you, pictures add so much to any blog. What would I like to see more of, more posts :-) But I know how busy life gets, so I'll be happy with anything.
I'm excited to hear Johanna's announcement!
And... your last comment really blessed me. This is the main reason I have yet to really start a blog. I don't want it to be "just because everyone else has a blog". You girls really share what you are thinking, your journeys, and how God is working in your life. You are not afraid to share both your struggles and happiness. This is why your blog is a favorite of mine. You encourage me to get my blog started... soon maybe!
Through your blog I feel as though I know you dearly... and I so hope to get together soon so we shall share face to face!
I look forward to seeing how God uses this blog and your new ideas.

Anonymous said...

I love when you post pictures and little stories from your life and stuff like that. I really enjoy reading your blog, and I am really looking forward reading Johanna's post!!!
~Missy Mel

Clare said...

Dear ones, I just love seeing the snapshots of your life, and getting a peek into the beauty and love that you live in. If I had any suggestions to offer, it would be along the lines of what Lydia said: more, because I love to hear from you. :) God bless!