Sunday, May 27, 2012

He Really Is Faithful

It happens.
It really does.
That pain, that old, old struggle,
the weakness and worry
that jars,
and jolts,
and refuses to stay away,
does go away.

It does,
when adulthood has crept
into your soul,
when your pressing forward
and pushing on
has changed you.

You discover,
talking over things,
that old fears,
maybe not present ones
but old ones
are gone,

And you know,
that all fears, all pain
will slide away,
as you keep pushing,
keep forcing,
keep praying
you know, then,
that peace will come

at long last.

Because He really is faithful.

- Emma Pearl -

Poem #2 in my - A Poem A Day -


Lydia Covey said...

EMMA!!! I love you. I. Miss. You.
I am loving your recent posts and beautiful writing. This especially. You so beautifully paint life and truth with words.
The peace does come because we serve such a faithful God. Praise Him!

Unknown said...

This is such a beautiful thought...thanks for putting it into my head :)