Friday, May 25, 2012

A New Beginning

To all my readers, 
new and old.
This is for you,
and for me

I am beginning again,
writing again,
because writing matters.
Words matter.
Stories and songs 
cling to the red
beating warmth of my heart.
Adulthood climbed up in my lap,
weighting me down,
crowding out my childhood.
I let go
for a while
of the things I loved,
but they still cling.
They pull at my bones,
tugging at the chords that tie my heart
to my soul.

For a little while
I had forgotten those dear old friends,
treasured books and companions
evenings spent in stillness.
But no more.
I am rising from heavy years,
remembering the goodness,
the sun and the earth,
the fearlessness
of childhood.
I shall write again,
every day,
and I shall share it
here with you.

-Emma Pearl-


Everly Pleasant said...

Love, love, love to hear this. Take me with you? To fearless childhood?

(and is your name really Pearl? That's darling.)


SisterlyLove said...

Looking forward to more of your beautiful posts!
Have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you are 'back'. Praying and awaiting news about Mama.
Nana Judy

Emma Pearl said...

Thanks dear friends..

Everly, Yes! Pearl is my middle name. I am my grandmother's namesake. :)

Genevieve, thanks for commenting! I'm glad you enjoy my posts. It warms my heart to know it. :)


Miss you already. We will hopefully have news to share soon. :)