Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Have A Dream

*picture taken by Grace Ramsey*
It's only a small one.
It consists of several pictures, pictures of gentle images and sentimental emotions. I dream of one day walking up a lovely, quiet country lane, or a short, quaint walk, to a small house, an old fashioned, sweet little house, with yellow walls and white curving swirls of wood framing the edges of the porch. The white planks of the porch floor echo beneath my feet and the summer day is washed in a dreamlike stillness.

Inside, the forms of the walls, the antique furnishings, and quiet coverings of the floor are laced in vagueness, like a blurred picture, waiting to be sharpened with the advent of time.

There are warm, comfortable rooms, and quiet, sun drenched ones, sitting rooms with braided rugs and bedrooms with homey quilts. There are windows everywhere and the sun pours in to fill the air with light. Curtains hang before them, to shield the furniture and soften the shape of the walls.

The clarity of the interior of my little house remains in obscurity.  I can't see precisely how it will look. But I can see the dim outlines of the people that will be there, and the things that will fill my shelves. I can see a small kitchen table and a small kitchen chair, a figure there, awaiting the care I so long to give him, smelling the smells of my kitchen, smiling when I smile at him.

*picture taken by James Ramsey*

That is my dream, only a simple one. It is a dream of quaint little house, and the man of my heart's longing within it.



emme said...

How sweet, Emma. I always love when you share the thoughts of your heart...they always seem to be so similar to my own. ☺

Have you been peeking inside my head again? :D

Love you!

Amy said...

Mmmm, sounds almost like my house o' dreams! :)


Amber said...

Oh just beautiful Emma! I love the way you write! You make it so alive! That is my dream as well but I could never put it into words like you have!

Can't wait to see you in twenty-six days! OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! OH I'm excited! Poor Amber still has sewing left though. I wish I could help but I have been helping her by taking over things so she can sew!

Can't wait!

Erin said...

Sounds like one of my dreams :) I just add the pitter, patter of little feet running through the house . . .

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post, Emma, and a beautiful dream. It made me wistful just reading it...I think parts of it must be similar to my own dreams.

I agree with an above commenter, you have a lovely writing style - so very evocative and alive. :)