Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blueberries, Peaches, and Blackberries!

I must say this summer has been one of the busiest summers of my life!  My camera and I have loved every minute of it, and I have been torn by the fact that I haven't been able to share each part of it with you.  :)  Each day has been a wonderful, hot, adventure in harvesting, canning, baking, blanching, freezing, etc....  

I will now share with you our latest episode...Berry picking!

Matthew was absolutely thrilled by the experience and loved every minute of it!  I was constantly finding myself turning aside from my bush to hear his voice, "Look at this 'purple' one Johanna!".  It was the sweetest thing!

My lovely mother in her white linen dress and straw hat...her hands busily moving while smiling at Matthew's find. :)

Grace found so many yummy fat ones...

They were just too irresistible to not pop in her mouth!

Emma worked her way into the fullest part of a large blueberry bush and picked and picked!  I simply stuck my camera in between the leaves to snap her photo whilst she told me that she really did not enjoy her seeing pictures of herself working....but did I listen to her???  Oh dear, my real self is coming out!  I am ever so sneaky and conniving to post her picture for all of you to see!!! 

Sarah Anne loved to hide from my camera behind bushes...

And behind her hat ;-)
After an hour of picking, we 9 headed home and froze all our blueberries in bags to be used later in the year for cold cereal, muffins, berry crisps, and pies!

A few days later brought us girls (minus Emma) a trip to a peach farm...

Lovely Grace in her sun hat...

Grace and her buckets.

Sarah Anne decided she needed a rest...

On a log =)

Matthew wanted to show me his "acrobat moves".

"Who goes there?"... ;)
Those peaches were too full of flavor to resist!!!

Watching Grace lusciously take each bite from her peach...

Matthew decided to be brave and take a bite himself! =)

"Oh my word Johanna!  This peach is really good, you should try a bite of it!"

By the time we headed back...

Matt was still eating! =)

Time to pick blackberries!

Grace and Sarah Anne needed a rest before starting another perspiring job.

After this point, my fingers became much too sticky to be handling my camera. ;)  We brought our trillions of peaches and blackberries home to make jam, pies, cobblers, cakes, etc.  Now all those yummy things are either in our pantry or freezer.  It is such a wonderful experience to really work hard for something, and then enjoy such wonderful, healthy results.  I am so blessed to be a part of learning all my Mom teaches me and is learning herself:).  We learn together!  Summer has been such a wonderful, blessed season for us.  I have enjoyed it immensely, God is so good!  I hope you enjoyed peeking in on us;).  

On another note, I wanted to thank each of you who have kept me in your prayers.  It blesses me so much to know I so much support.  (even though I was quite surprised and my cheeks became rather pink by Emma's post;))  It gives me determination to keep going, knowing that the Lord is going to bring me through.  Practicing for a concert on limited time and recording a CD, can be so stressful and really draining, but we keep pushing ahead with the Lord's guidance.  Now, everyone needs to mark their calendars for September 13th and come listen to us! =)

Thank you again and many blessings on you all!



emme said...

I always love seeing your photos, Johanna! Thanks so much for this sweet made me smile, which is something I definitely need to be doing more of right now. :)

Love You,

Amy said...

Mmm, I love picking fruit! I don't think we have any peach orchards around here, but we always go berry and apple picking every year! Lovely photos - tell Emma I can totally relate to the expression on her face in the 'working' picture!

Love you gals,

Anonymous said...

Where is your concert going to be held ?? I would love to come.

love and miss!


Unknown said...

Oh! I would love for you to be there Jolie! The concert is at a really cool coffee house/music co. in Winnsboro. I'll definitely send the fyler and more info when I have it:). I would so love for you to be there!


Amber said...

What fun times! I love picking fruit with family and friends and being creative with it all! There are so many things to make with your harvest!

See you soon! Can't wait! 12 days! (Till we see you!)

Sarah said...

What a good time it looks like you all had! It's wonderful to make memories like that while working with people you love. I'll be praying your recording goes well and smoothly. I love your pictures! You have a real talent for photography.