Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Joyous Occasion

Four days ago Keslie was married. The wedding was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my eighteen years. The joy on dear Keslie's face as her new husband quietly lifted the veil from her face and reached down to kiss her, was indescribable. I shall never, never forget that moment.

Johanna and I spent three days after the wedding with Kami, first tidying up the Red Barn with Amber and Heather, and Sarah and Gracie, with all the Smiths. and with the Bisceglias and the Jantzens and all the wonderful people who were scurrying around packing things, saying our tearful goodbyes, then spending an hour or two beside the campfire, singing and talking and crying some more. The next day found us clad in long dresses and hoop skirts, moving our way across the Civil War reenactment at Fort Stevens, cameras in tow, hidden beneath our shawls and inside our little handbags. Tuesday was the last day, the day we had to leave, had to take our tickets and walk, slightly nervous, through the security lines, behind us the friends that had become dearer still than they had been before, the traces of tears still across our flushed cheeks.

Goodbye dearest Kami, and Mrs. Couch, and Mr. Couch and Gabe and Ben and Annie.

Oh dear, how I miss them. It feels odd being home again, happy as I am to see my dear family, to hug and kiss my baby brother, to smile at my dear sisters, and talk over the stove with my mother. It feels as if I have left a sister behind, in dear Kami. Being without her gives one a terribly odd feeling down in one's throat.

Missing you all, and loving you so,



Julia Marie said...

I'm so glad you're back again, girls! Though I do know how it can be almost depressing to leave friends after spending alot of time with them. I'm so happy with you for having a wonderful time! :)

Crooked Stream said...

I feel tears running down my face... I love you so! =D Thank you, Emma. =)

Amy said...

Congratulations to Keslie and David!! And I'm so happy for you, that you got to be there!


Anonymous said...

oh Emma! You have me crying too! I really miss you girls! It's so funny how you can make such good friends in such a short time! You will just have to come to Camp Dwight and stay at our new house next year!
I thank the Lord so much for you girls being there. I felt so bad leaving Kami on Sunday but I'm glad you were there for her.

Love and hugs to both of you girls!
Why do we have to be so far from each other!
Many blessings on your day!

Hannah said...

Welcome back, girls :) I'm so glad you had a good time.

Bisceglia Family said...

It was a pleasure to meet you girls, your being "famous" actors and all! I agree, it's a bit shocking to come down to earth after such a glorious weekend!

emme said...

Ah, Emma...though not written to me, your post touched me just the same! How sweet it must be to have friends that are as sisters...☺

I'm so glad that you and Johanna had such a lovely time...I can't wait to hear more about it!


Unknown said...

Oh, how sweet! I just wish that I could have been there! :(

Love your blog! :)