Thursday, September 18, 2008

Words from the Heart

My ears are full of sounds... the clanking of a fork on a plate as my brother, just returned from a long day at college, eats his dinner,  the soft, homey tones of my parents' voices next to me, and  the sound of my fingers tap tapping across these keys.

Tomorrow is the concert.  The rescheduling seems to have raised my anticipation and my nervousness.  The people that will be there, that have never been, the family and friends who have never attended a concert of ours like this.  Somehow it makes my heart beat faster.
I have never been terribly nervous when before a crowd of strangers. I can sing and share with them, without thinking of what may happen afterwards.  But when it is with people I know my mind races uncontrollably from thought to thought, wondering what they're thinking, what they'll say when it is all over.  I stand there on the stage, singing, and suddenly my heart gets all tight within me and I sing, sing, sing, drawing a deep, relieved breath when it's over. 

Perhaps I am over romanticizing.  I think, perhaps, I do that too much, making the normal things in my life suddenly look like something from a book.  Are you smiling?  I am too.  The way I tell my tale is the way I tend to see it, from my widely opened eyes, looking out on the world in an uncommonly thoughtful manner. 

photo by Sam D. Ramsey

So, tomorrow is the day.  Tomorrow I shall wash my hair and carefully defuse it, then slip into my silky white and burgundy print dress.  I will borrow Johanna's white pumps and screw on my white drop earrings.  Then, I will walk, slowly, down the stairs, slowly as to mute the sound of my heels on the wood, then traipse out to the car and get in, ready to depart.

I pray for peace, and that God will pour from my voice the love He has for His people, that they may be blessed.


photo by Sam D. Ramsey


emme said...

I wish you the best, dear Emma! I only wish I could be there to hear your lovely voice.

I'll be praying for you...and at least in my thoughts, I'll be there cheering you on!


Unknown said...

That prayer is in my heart as well Emma dear. =) Above all, I want to bring Him glory through our music and everything we say. No matter what we say, or how perfect our music is, the Lord will be in it all. I know! :)

A very, very excited...


Carla said...

Wishing you the best!

Lovely photos by the way :)

Amy said...

Emma, I'm sure you'll do an amazing job!
The nice thing about performing for people you know and love is that they are not watching you with an indifferent, critical eye - they are excited for you, and cheering you on in their hearts!!

I only wish I could be there, too!


Amy said...
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Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Oh, I wish you good luck with your concert! I know exactly what you mean about singing for people you know as opposed to strangers. I don't know what the difference is, but it certainly exists! I sang for an audience made up entirely of family and friends at my graduation recently, and even though it went off perfectly I think I would have been less nervous beforehand if they had been strangers.

Bisceglia Family said...

Best wishes for your concert! I can certainly relate to your thoughts, fears, and excitement! At our CD release concert, I was SO nervous right before we went on stage. When we started playing, however, the butterflies in my stomach went away and I could completely enjoy making music for all the people who were out there loving us and cheering us on!