Monday, September 29, 2008

The World is a Beautiful Place

I must admit.... I enjoy life. There is so much that is beautiful, so much that fills me up... and yet so much that makes me cry. But God is never-ending, and ever faithful, and it is His hope that I am filled with.

He makes the world the joy that it is.

Fall is moving gently in on us. The days are still a warm, Texas 84 degrees, but coolness nips the air at night, and the leaves on the trees are drifting from the branches, color splashed across them with a scarlet paintbrush.

I read a poem today, a verse that reminded me of something I had written last fall, inspired by the same sights. But somehow the writer was affected differently.

I looked at the trees, saw the green leaves and how they turned to red, then the red that had faded to brown and were turning to dust beneath my feet. I saw our lives, saw God giving us his glory, emblazoning us with crimson and gold, then letting us fade. Pain and brokenness took its turn, and we fell from our glory to the ground, and were crushed. But! It was only to be lifted again, pulled from the ground into the life of the tree, and with advent of spring, a newer, greener leaf upon its branches.

I don't think this other author saw it that way, they saw it instead as a life, green, then gold in glory, then falling into death. It had no resurrection, no life, only a hope for glory before death.

Here is mine.... a song entitled...

Color Me

The leaves are turning
They're not green anymore

I don't know how I can keep going
When all of my life keeps flowing... out of me

But life would not be the same
Without the seasons and the change

'Cause I could not give my life away
If I never let my greenness fade.

Color me
Color me new

In the crimson of your blood
In the golden of your love

Till I fall, dried and brown
And I sink into the ground

Ready to be made new

The wind is stirring.
It's rustling, and I know

Yes, I know that I'll keep running
When all of my soul is burning... within me

'Cause you are holding out your heart
And I strain to grasp your arm

'Cause I want to give my life away
So that I'll never let your glory fade

Color me
Color me new

In the crimson of your blood
In the golden of your love

Till I fall, dried and brown
And I sink into the ground

Ready to be made new

Copyright 2007 TheGreatInterference

To follow, here is the poem from's Collected Whispers.


Kissed by the chill,
The greens turn golden and radiate in sunlight.
Like peaks in the ocean,
They disappear and reappear in union with crisp breezes.

It has arrived in full,
Never to turn back.

It is painfully gripping, refreshing,
And aching with despair.
So much vivid color before dying.

It touches all,
A channel by which to ascend,
Or by which to fall.
Oh, that the soul display such color in the end.

Greg C. Fraley

It's a lovely poem, isn't it?

May you all be wonderfully blessed!


P.S. I posted an update on our band's blog, including how our concert went.:)


emme said...

Oh, I've missed you, Emma! You simply *must* write more! ☺


Amy said...

Beautiful words and pictures, as usual!!
Thanks, Emma and Johanna!


Tiffany said...

What a lovely oh, shall I say journey. The pictures and the song are just absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for posting it.


btw I just tagged you for a 6 Random things meme on my blog. :-)