Saturday, September 13, 2008

Waiting for Ike

The humidity feels terribly heavy, like some great faceless weight. It surrounds you in an enveloping cloud, the perspiration making your clothes suddenly weighted and your eyes suddenly blinded by the thin streams sliding down your skin. It feels almost foreboding, the obvious calm before a storm. The world waits for the skies to break. It hangs to whatever lies closest to it with all of its might, desperate to survive the storm.

There is a hand veiled by the clouds and a voice veiled by the storm that cuts through their constricting folds... with a gentle peace.

The world looks, and wonders. Someone is holding the storm in the palm of his hand, holding it, and reaching out a gentle hand... for the world to hold.

Jesus waits, beyond, within, and before the storm. The air grows still and light. The sky sheds its dark clouds like a widow her raiment of mourning. Day has come again. Light and life have overcome.

-Written last evening, in the calm before the storm. We are still waiting... watching the weather reports and the sky... and waiting.



Anonymous said...

Oh dear-I hope you all are safe!! I have been worried about y' careful. Ike is pretty huge and nasty--can you believe it?-the size of Texas!! That's a pretty big hurricane.. =0
Keep me posted-don't let me think something happened to y'all because you aren't keeping up with me..;-)
much love,

Emma Pearl said...

It looks like it's calming down. It hasn't really done anything here. Just normal wind and rain... We'll see.:) I don't really think anything much will happen despite all that has been predicted. It's down to a Category 1 storm.

Love you!!!


emme said...

I'm glad it's turning into a not-so-terrible storm for you after all!

Beautiful, beautiful pic by Johanna...again! ☺

All of her photos...and all of your lovely writing only makes me wish more and more that I could meet you two.


How is it possible to "miss" someone you've never even met? *chuckle*


Anonymous said...

Good! I'm so glad you all are safe! =)
I am also very excited about your upcoming looks like we may be able to go , now that the dates have changed!! We'll have to see though, not sure yet.. ;-)
Hope you see you girls soon!!
love ya,


Amy said...

I'm glad you're all okay - I love the picture of Matthew with his rubber boots and broken umbrella! It looks perfect! ;)

Love you girls,

Crooked Stream said...

I have been praying for you and so glad to see a "looking okay" update!!!! LOVE the new blog look!!! :D :D So perfect! Miss you girls SOOOOO much. :( Love, Kam

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad to hear that y'all are okay. Did you get any damage at all?


Family said...

Praise the Lord!!! I'm glad you all are alright. I'm so glad God is in control and not the weatherman!

Miss you girls!

Unknown said...

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your concern. The day of the storm was actually very humid, and windy. We spent all afternoon outside waiting for the storm to approach. It finally came in gusts of wind and a lot of slanting rain, but it was too exciting to stay indoors for! Sam actually rallied me to walk outside with a blue umbrella while he filmed me. Quite fun and exciting actually! =) No damage was done, however we did hear of some fallen trees and shingles in a town an hour away.

Sarah, AMEN!!! =) We miss you too!!!