Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Week In Feminine Dress, Day Four

Today was moist with pouring rain that left us dripping in warm humidity. I mistakenly donned a sweater, thinking the rain meant cool. The bike ride to Grandma's house was pleasantly cooling, though.


I wore an aqua-ish cowl-neck sweater from J.C. Penney with a cream, tiered, and heavily gathered skirt I bought in Mexico. Sir Walter Scott's Lady of the Lake came in handy for a rest from my ride down the hill.

For definition, I added a brown belt from Eddie Bauer and Grandma's hand-me-down pearls to match the skirt.

And lovely brown earrings from Dillards

Johanna looked wonderfully old fashioned and chic in her embroidered khaki skirt from Christopher and Banks and her blue collared blouse from Van Heusen. Her scarf is also a hand-me down from Grandma, as are the round, clip-on, navy blue, earrings she's wearing.

What better way to touch it off than a blue umbrella on a rainy day?

Grace was a darling country girl in her old fashioned, ruffly apron and two pigtails. Notice the basket? She was picking dewberries that are endeavoring to take over our lovely orange, red, and yellow lantanas.

Then of course, there was Sarah Anne, bright and playful in the dress we made her for our film, "The Photographer, How the Rain Falls."

We found the dress idea in a book that compiled various Sears catalog pages from the 1920's and 1930's. The creation came from many different patterns and some maneuvering besides. I love the buttons! We actually hung the dress on the clothesline for days on end so it would fade to a healthy oldness for her poor character.

Goodnight, everyone. See you in the morning!!



Clare said...

Oh, the pictures are just delightful!

Emma, what a beautiful spring outfit! Those pearls go so well with the sweater.

Johanna, you look very chic indeed! Your scarf adds the perfect touch.

Grace, you look absolutely sweet and feminine! That apron is so lovely.

Sarah Anne, you're just darling! That dress of yours is adorable beyond belief. Someday, if God blesses me with daughters, I'd love to dress them just like that.

See you girls tomorrow!


emme said...

You girls always look so sweet! ♥ your outfits...


Amy said...

I love all your pictures! You all look so delightfully old fashioned. . . and the accessories add the perfect touch to your outfits. :)

(Cherry_Ames on Sensibility)

Meghan Durst said...

Tell Johanna thanks for telling me about Grace's garden clogs which are very cute as well as her lovely outfit. And Sarah Anne is adorable.

Meg (MontgomeryGirl from S&S who wishes she was not MontgomeryGirl because, it's a pain to type out so much)