Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Week In Feminine Dress, Day Six Learning to be Grateful

I didn't manage, on day six, to get into anything noteworthily feminine. I spent most of the day, in fact, nearly all the day, cutting, washing, and bagging spinach. It is a rather laborious process, and one I, honestly, grow weary of too soon. The washing is very important and one must observe each leaf at a time, examining for dirt and bugs and grass.
But there is something about the washing of spinach that I continued to remind myself all the day. It was when I was washing spinach, six or seven years ago, that the inspiration for my novel first came to me.

I was looking down at the floating, dark, greens in the cool, clear water and the thought came to me that, "wouldn't it be lovely to swim through cool water filled with dark, luscious greenery?" I told myself that was only possible if I were much smaller and could breathe underwater. Thus was created my version of fairies, one in particular, a water fairy.:)

So, yes, God taught me yesterday to be grateful.... Without the annoyance of washing spinach, I would never have had Elena, or Aldwin, or Jaaline, or Faree. Yes..... Thank you, Father.

A very grateful,



Amy said...

Oh my goodness, Emma - the story of how you drew inspiration for your fairies from the cool water and greenery reiminded me of when I was younger and had a little rose garden. I would go out and care for my roses every morning, checking each bud. One night it rained, and the next morning one of my favorite roses was half filled with water, and there were little droplets on all the petals. I had such a longing to shrink myself and take a bath in the rose, because the petals were so soft, and it smelled so sweet. So that was one of my first 'fairies'.

Sorry for rambling - When I read this post I felt like I discovered a kindred spirit!


emme said...

What a lovely thought, Emma. I can't tell you how many times God has blessed me in the very way you have mentioned. Sometimes it can be difficult to be grateful for certain situations, but once I've struggled through them I've always been abundantly blessed!

Anonymous said...

love the first shot of the spinach being washed in the sink.... killer!!!