Monday, May 5, 2008

A Week In Feminine Dress, Day One

Yesterday, Sunday, was the first day of the week in feminine dress hosted on the Sense and Sensibility forum. My brothers and sister and I all went to Tyler, TX, to see "Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed", a documentary about intelligent design versus Darwinism. It was wonderfully done and very thought provoking. Do go and see it!!:)

Then we went to church in downtown Tyler. Afterwards we hung out outside Starbucks with our music. Here am I...

I'm wearing a cream, crocheted cardigan that belonged to my great, great aunt, over a black tank and paneled khaki skirt. I pinned the sweater with a darling little brooch that my grandmother gave me.
Em in WIFD (Sun.)My hoop earrings match my brooch rather perfectly.:)

Isn't this fun!!



Clare said...

Charming, Emma! I love your cardigan.


Hannah said...

Very sweet outfit! Also Loved the story of your skirt.:)

-Annie Oakley from S&S

Meghan Durst said...

The first picture is totally cool. Love it!

--Meg (MontgomeryGirl from S&S)