Friday, May 23, 2008

"Waitin' for My Dearie"

In June, my sisters and I are going to be in a Broadway Musical review. We are all four singing two songs apiece. My solo song is "Waitin' for My Dearie", from Brigadoon. I was singing my song today, whilst enmeshed in harvesting sweet peas, and thinking of the glorious news a dear friend had just told me, and it came to me to share this song with you, in honor of the beginning of her adventure.

What is the news? What's the adventure? Maybe before you reach the end you will have figured it out.:)

"Waitin' for My Dearie"

Many a lassie, as everyone knows'll
Try to be married before twenty-five.

So she'll agree to most any proposal.
All he must be is a man and alive.

I hold a dream and there's no compromisin'.
I know there's one certain laddie for me.

One day he'll come, walking ore' the horizon

But, should he not, then an old maid I'll be

Foolish, ye may say
Foolish I will stay

Waitin' for my dearie
And happy am I

To hold my heart till he comes strollin' by

When he comes, my dearie
One look, and I'll know

That he's the dearie I've been wantin' so

Though I live forty lives till the day he arrives
I'll not ever, ever grieve

For my hopes will be high
That' he'll come, strollin' by

For ye see, I believe...


There's a laddie weary
And wanderin' free

Who's waitin' for his dearie...


She told me the story only a few days ago. She is courting, beginning the adventure that could last a lifetime.

We love you, dear Keslie!!

Emma and Johanna

Note: Photo credit on this post is so varied I shall not attempt to explain it all. If you wish more details on any photo, leave a comment and I will do my best to answer your query.


Julia Marie said...

Ooh, those pictures are lovely! I especially like the first one. That pink dress is just gorgeous, Johanna! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you Julia! I loooove it as well:D. It was my mother's prom dress that she actually sewed! Isn't it gorgeous? It's so much fun to wear:).


emme said...

How, a wonderful grouping of photos! ☺


Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

That's a clever interpretation of the song - I recognized a lot of the phtots. How exciting for your friend! And you're going to sing in a musical review? That sounds like so much fun!

Abigail said...

What beautiful photos! It's hard to pick favorites, but I especially like the ones with the row of mailboxes! I think I saw them on your brother's xanga(which he really should update, by the way. *g*)

My best wishes for your friend!

PS. Where is the third picture up from the bottom from? Is it from a movie?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ladies!:)

Abigail, the picture you asked about is my eight year old sister, Sarah Anne, in the field behind our house. I dressed her up for the fun of it one day.:)


Anonymous said...


Just as a side note on the 3rd from last photo, I was the photographer;). And my brother Sam took the photo of me by the mailboxes.


Amy said...

I love the photos! Johanna, is the when he comes, my dearie, one look, and I'll know picture a photo one of you from The Photographer? I love your hair-do!

Amy said...

Oh, and what's the "One day he'll come, walking ore' the horizon" from? The outfit looks really neat!


Charles Durst said...

Lovely pictures.
That lace jacket/bolero/thing? that you wore with the pink dress did you make it...what?

--Miss Meg

Meghan Durst said...

That was me...posting on my brother's account on accident. Forgive me.


Anonymous said...

Amy, the "One day he'll come" picture was taken by Country Reflections Photography: She was photographing her sister (Kelsie) and the man she is courting at a Civil War Reenactment. Isn't her dress lovely? I simply love it!!

I made this post about Kelsie and simply couldn't help adding such an appropriate picture with them as the subjects!


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures! They're so great, especially the ones I recognize!!! :D

Abigail said...

Oh, wow! I never would have guessed that was an 8-year-old. *laughs* It looks like a scene from some Epic costume drama. Awesome photography!

Anonymous said...

Amy, thank you! Thank you! Yes, that photo is a freeze frame of myself as Ella Rienhardt from our film, The Photographer. ( My mom styled my hair in a 20's wave. Didn't she do an amazing job? :D I looooved having a bob.

Meg, thank you! My mom actually sewed that lace jacket to go with her pink prom dress years ago. I wear it alll the time because it's so stylish and chic. I love wearing it to add a old fashioned, vintage flair to an outfit.

Thank you Abigail! :D


Tiffany said...

I love that song! The picture story was so much fun.

Congratulations to Keslie.


BTW, I'm so excited you have a blog now!

Crooked Stream said...

Oh GIRLS! I am sooo touched!!! HOW SPECIAL! My very own blog post!!! Awwww!!! I will have to send this to David! =) You are both so dear to me! You're so sweet!! I love you lots and lots!

Mrs. S said...

oops! :D That was me! hehe!

Amber said...

Lovely job girls on this post! I love it! Especially the one picture of David waiting for Keslie! LOVE IT!!!!!I would love to hear that song also! Just beautiful words!
Love you dear Keslie! I'm so happy for you and David. He is so sweet! I rather like him! (could I help it? He's my brother!)

Thank you Emma and Johanna for such a lovely post!

Many blessings on your day~
H.E. Fairchild

Deovin1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deovin1 said...

Keslie sent me the link to this and I am so glad she did. I do feel a little awkward commenting on it seeing that it is basically all girls here!! I do however, really want to say that it was very well done. The pictures are wonderful and the words fit them so well!

Great job!!! I look forward to someday meeting you all!


PS. I deleted my last post because I figured you would want to know who I was!

Crooked Stream said...

Soooo perfect and beautiful!!!! That was SO sweet of you girls!!!! Thank you!!!!!! I was almost choked up with tears. =) I got to be there when Kess found it and she surprisingly sighed, "Ohhh!!! I can't believe it". =D =D

Emma Pearl said...

Thank you, so much David. I am ever so happy that it blessed you too.:) I am so bursting with joy and happiness for you both!!!


Anonymous said...

I got the link from S&S. I love that song... The rest of the movie is a little far fetched but I do love the song! Congrats to you firend!