Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Week In Feminine Dress, Day Five

Here I am at last!! This day was rather a quiet day. I spent two or three hours working on my novel, weeded some, did some math, and generally enjoyed myself.:)

Here I am at the sink, washing dishes,,, an ever present job but one I find I can enjoy if I try hard enough.

I'm wearing the black, silk, blouse my grandmother handed down to me, and a paneled, khaki, skirt from Van Heusen. My brooch is from Grandma as well.

Then, wanting to be artistic, I darted to my room to slip on my black, suede, wedges and a lace shawl I found at an antique store. I cut a rosebud from our flourishing rose bush to add to the effect.

The blouse

The brooch

My earrings....

I love the vintage feel of this photo. Thanks, Johanna!:)

And because these photographs are so overwhelming lovely...

Many Blessings,



Clare said...

You both look lovely! I love your shawl and brooch, Emma!


emme said...

Wonderful, Emma! And Grace looks beautiful, too...but doesn't she always?? ☺


Crooked Stream said...

Oh! All of your pictures are so pretty and precious. I am thoroughly enjoying every post!
And beautiful photography to the lovely photographer. ;)

Amy said...

Emma, I love your blouse and brooch! You look so beautiful in it. Your's and Grace's shawls add such a sweet, feminine look to your outfits!